June 10, 2012


...First lets talk about a maintenance issue.  While working to finish the Vogue 8815 peplum top project of the weekend, my machine made a horrific sound and then jammed my fabric.  I couldn't believe that the entire bobbin case had become completely dislogged (one screw loosened the other had come out completely out).

Fear arose - this was something I just didn't need.  I'm just not handy with screw drivers, hammers or nails.  In fact, I hate having to use tools.  This was the culprit:
a pile of fuzzy lint!!!  I should be ASHAMED!!!  This pile of lint  pushed the bobbin case out of it's seat - screws and all.  After taking several deep breaths I was able to get the screws in and the bobbin case back in place.  Repair bill averted!  Now my Singer is purring like a kitten, a completely new and different sound.

Do you have a schedule to remind you to clean your machine???

I did manage to get my project finished after my machine repair session.
Vogue 8815 with my asymmetrical twist

I purchased this fabric two years ago at a little Mennonite quilt shop not far from Augusta - now closed.  The fabric is a type of poly-rayon woven stained glass print.  I'll take my top for a test drive tomorrow with my navy linen pants...


  1. Cute top, 8815 is sure one popular pattern these days, I have seen several people threatening to sew it recently. Are you going to show us a picture with you in it?

    I ashamed to say that I don't have a schedule to clean my machine. Now I am going to go to the sewing dungeon and clean my machine.

  2. Really cute top Faye!! Love the fabric! Can you please post a picture of you in it too?

    I too don't have a schedule for cleaning my machines...I just do them when I think they need it.

  3. Faye, that top is beautiful and can't wait to see it on you! In the process of making this one too, it seems to be all over the place, blogs, magazines, etc.

    About that blob, too funny. I try to clean my machine after each use, especially the serger. I read to do this somewhere. FUNNY!!!!! This has made me laugh for the day.

  4. It's amazing how such a soft little tiny blog of lint can totally disable a sewing machine. I am glad you save yourself a visit to the tech guy. whew!

    I clean the bobbin area of the machine after every garment. I use stencil brushes. They are firm and small. I also have a "computer" vac attachment with sucks out the lint and at least once a month I go thru the machine with that sucking out all I can find. Every now and then take the bobbin case out, unplug the machine, and turn it upside down. You will be amazed at what can fall out sometimes. Just sayin'......

  5. I am glad to see that is just a pile of fuzzy lint because at first glance it looked like a fuzzy spider!

  6. I really like the top, nice job. Lint is a terrible problem at times.

  7. I really like the top, nice job. Lint is a terrible problem at times.

  8. My father-in-law sold Viking sewing machines in his shop and repaired all makes of machines. He used to come home shaking his head at the Home Ec grads that had the same problem, never cleaning the lint and sometimes it pushed the throat plate up and off. So even really smart people forget this!

    Which reminds me, when was the last time I cleaned my machine out? You'd have thought he taught me better, LOL!

  9. Love the top so far, and the fabric is very Springish. I don't have a schedule for cleaning out my machine either, but I do keep a can of air by the machine and give it a quick blow out every one and a while.

  10. Great looking top! Glad you were able to fix your machine.

  11. Glad you averted a repair bill!
    Your top looks very promising. I hope we get to see a picture of it paired with your linen trousers.

  12. I like the peplum on your top. It's such a popular look.

  13. No set schedule for me, but my machine does remind me when to oil. I do try to de-lint between projects. I use a big soft blush brush, and not the stiff one that came with my machine. Admittedly, sometimes I get lazy.

  14. I don't have a schedule for machine cleaning. But thanks to a scolding I received from my dealer, I usually remember to clean my machine. When I went to pick up my machine, I noticed a big glob of dust on a table by the door. My repair person had saved it so I could see how much had built up! How embarrassing! But, it made me remember to clear out the bobbin area regularly!

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