June 13, 2012


...every summer I usually try to make at least two easy, breezy, flowy chiffony or georgette type tunics for myself.  I have to admit that chiffony type fabric gives me somewhat of a FIT in sewing even though I try to use the appropriate needles   Over sized tunics normally have  large areas to hem or turn under and stitched down.  Steam-a-Seam would help, but I think it presents too much of a hassle with such a large area to work on.  With the fabric slipping & sliding -  stitches puckering & pulling & even sometimes snagging, I somehow mutter through to achieve a finished product.

This year I decided to stitch one up for my daughter first, and chose this pattern to see how it would work out.
McCall's 6510 view B
 Here's the finished project:

and back
She will definitely need to wear a cami or tank top under this one.

Do you have any tips that would make sewing chiffon or georgette fabrics easier?????????????


  1. Lucky daughter! The print on the fabric is perfect, very fashionable.

    You didn't tell us, how did the hemming go on this one? Any tips?

  2. that looks awesome!
    i'm also a wimp about sewing really lightweight fabrics. I've heard that pinning the fabric to tissue paper and then sewing through it, and tearing the paper away at the end, will help. Haven't tried it though.

  3. You didn't say if you are sewing silk or poly chiffon. I think that silk is easier to sew than poly.
    Tip number one. Lay fabric between layers of light paper tracing paper or alpha numeric paper helps here. Make sure that the edges of the paper are square and square you chiffon to the paper. You can pin the first layers to keep them in place but it's not often necessary. Lay pattern pieces on top of sandwich and cut through all.
    Second tip. In making french seams don't press just wrap the fabric around the first seam. Third tip if you have a straight stitch plate and foot use them. If not I start all seams with tissue paper under to avoid it pulling into the machine.Fourth tip use cotton embroidery thread, the two ply 60 weight and a 70 microtex needle.
    Hand baste seams before you sew so that you can try on and so the seams don't slip.
    The most important tip? never sew this fabric when you are stressed for time!

  4. I forgot the most important thing, it's a lovely top! Lucky daughter.

  5. I was looking at that pattern, but wasn't sure, after seeing this lovely creation, I may have to buy yet another pattern. Beautiful top, love the fabric. Lucky daughter.

    Great tips Nancy, thank you.

  6. I bought 3 pieces of chifonny stuff to do just that. Now just to find the time..... BTW-Walmart is carrying fabric again and some if it isn't half bad. These 3 pieces were $1.50/yard.

  7. Love the top and I also love me some sheer lightweight tops for summer, that's my next project. The only tip I have is using my serger it loves sheers, and I've also used my rolled hem foot but I prefer to serge and turn to hem.

  8. Hi Faye,'
    I just made this top twice both in lightweight sheer type fabrics. What worked for me this time is I serged the hem edge and lightly pressed it and then topstitched. This top was so easy! I love the fabric you used and your daughter will love this top!

  9. Cute tunic!!! I love your fabric choice. I'm sure your daughter will look lovely in it:)

  10. Hi Faye!! I'm backkk.. (hehe) Lovely top for daughter IMO. Love it! And thank you to Nancy K for her tips! For our recent move I brought with me a duffel-ish bag of fabric, 3/4 of which are chiffon silks and similar types that I can't imagine putting in boxes for shipping... Haven't sewed for hmmm 2 weeks plus? or more? getting kind of antsy...

  11. Nancy K gave most of the tips I live by (straight stitch plate/foot etc). One additional tip I picked up, I think from Sherry of Scissor-Paper-Cloth, is that instead of back-stitching to start or end a seam, start off an inch from the edge and going in the wrong direction - stitch to the edge of the fabric. Leave the needle down and raise the presser foot. Turn the fabric so you are now going in the correct direction and stitch the seam. Do the same thing to finish. I'm not sure why it works better than backstitching, but it seems to pull the fabric into the throat plate much less, at least for me.

    Beautiful top!

  12. Gorgeous print and your daughter is going to love it.

  13. Excellent print placement! I use a serger rolled hem on almost anything chiffon. So much easier than trying to use the sewing machine and seen quite a bit in RTW so it doesn't look cheap or homemade/shortcut-y (or so I tell myself, LOL).

  14. That's so cute! Well done! :-)

  15. Faye I really like this top for your daughter & think you did a great job! I hear this problem a lot regarding sewers working with silks and chiffons. Fortunately, I don't share this issue and because of that, unfortunately, I don't know of any tips to share with you! The only thing I can say is that I do a lot of pinning!

  16. I love this top...you did a great job...I know your daughter will love wearing it this summer, and many summers to come.

  17. This is a really cute top for your daughter. I'm sure she was well pleased with the gift. And I agree with everyone here. Nancy K gave great tips. I'll truly use them the next time I sew georgette-chiffon fabric.

  18. Faye, that is such a great top! I had not even noticed this pattern before...and these tops are everywhere in RTW. Looks' like you did a fine job!




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