October 6, 2012


...truly is a virtue! I was bound and determined that I was moving back in my sewing room on Thursday.  Guess what???, didn't happen (sigh)!  The floor was still tacky on Thursday and still tacky on Friday.  So today was the day for the big move. I was able to move in lots of smaller components back in myself.
All went well until my help arrived to move this monstrosity into place.
I wanted to free up this area for my cutting table that's been residing in my living room for over a year now.

Sure, moving the cutting table back into the sewing room will make it a bit crowded (thank you again for my wonderful cutting table Brenda), but I am determined to corral all sewing matter back into the sewing area.  After all, isn't that what a dedicated sewing area is all about???  Around here sneaky little sewing matter has a knack of escaping out and moving into other rooms of the house.  Of course my corralling efforts does not include the summer fabric stash that lives on the top shelves of my bedroom closet.  (Isn't that where you keep yours?)
So I came up with the bright idea of placing the pattern cabinet under the book shelves next to the sewing table. It is soooo heavy, and wouldn't you know it?, the move scratched the floor in three places.  Yet another small delay.  When one of the movers yelled out, "Oh no, we'll have to go over these areas again".  I shouted WAIT A MINUTE!  I need to pull some patterns first!!!  Of course they both thought I was crazy - and maybe I am just a little bit.  But please understand, I haven't been able to get into those pattern drawers for almost two weeks, I think. (Mind you, I've completely lost track of all sense of time at this point).  I needed to get to a McCall's skirt pattern really badly!  You know wet floor and all - THE CARNIVAL MUST GO ON!!!  Tomorrow is another day...


  1. Okay "Scarlett." I totally understand! LOL

  2. Scarlett is exactly who I was eluding to. You know me well already!

  3. LOL. You are so funny! It is rough when you can't get to sewing stuff you need,during a remodel. I think we've all been there.

  4. It's looking terrific. Love the floor.

  5. Looking great, Faye. I think I'm as excited as you are, just can't wait to see the after pics.

  6. Some times it's just worth the wait.

  7. The carnival MUST go on!!! ;) once your special room iS all done n pretty u will soon forget the pain to get there...

  8. Good on you. You need your space.

  9. Very nice sewing room Faye! and I love your new banner on your blog, it's very cute!

  10. You and me both, I am trying to keep all sewing stuff contained to my sewing room...but there's a mannequin in my bedroom and some, ahem, fabric living on top of the dryer.........

  11. I'm so happy that you're getting your space set up. I know what a bummer it is when you can't explore your creativy when and where want. Enjoy!!




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