October 3, 2012


...transforming my sewing space has indeed been a trial of patience and endurance.  This is the second time in two years that the room has been completely emptied out to facilitate improvements. If you recall, the carpet was removed the last week of August.  Immediately following I suffered through a 3 week bout of bronchitis that brought the work to an abrupt halt.  Then followed one more week of schedule delays.  I can't even share my prolific thoughts, and  mental rants (@#$D##@!!!!R##!!!!((+*^(%^&$).  Many THANKS to a few dear friends and family members who allowed me to vent and cry on their shoulders through the delays and lack of progress!

FINALLY, the second coat is down and I'm waiting for it to completely dry!  Initially there was supposed to be three coats, but forget that - I'm completely satisfied with two coats!  I just want back in!  I'm tempted to start moving my stuff back in right now - sticky, tacky floor and all.  But that just wouldn't be right and would totally mess up my pretty floor.  I've survived the last two nights with the terrible smell - so what's one more night.  But tomorrow evening I WILL BE MOVING BACK IN!

Is it perfect?, no.  I worked in housing rehabilitation for 16 years and I know that you cannot make an old house new.  But it is shiny and pretty; and I won't have to put up with thread and pin fill carpet any more. PRICELESS!  And I can tell you one thing - I won't be moving out again unless I move into a new house!


  1. Oh no, i must've missed reading that u were going thru a major renovation etc. am glad it's over and u can enjoy your new roo m n awesome floor!

    1. I'm glad it's over too Far.

  2. Fairly new follower here. What a beautiful, shiny floor! It was well worth all the effort - and no more pins in the carpet :)

  3. I'm so glad that this is the last move...but I have to admit not only do those floors look really shiny but really pretty too! I know you are going to enjoy having hard wood floors in your sewing room.

    1. Carolyn I can't wait to move back in. I'll be rearranging just a little bit and eliminating some junk and clutter too. I'm really happy with the way the floor turned out.

  4. Hard floors in your sewing room will tranform your life. I run a static mop across the floor after each session and it picks up all the threads (and dog hair).

  5. Ooooh, very shiny! And no carpets to trap threads and pins. It's gonna be great!

  6. OH, Faye! Your floor is beautiful. I know you'll enjoy your sewing room sans carpet! Can't wait to see your new room.

  7. This looks wonderful, Faye. I can feel your excitement about getting back "in".

    I'm still waiting for my floor but it should be in next week to acclimate and then get installed. I'm jealous.

    I know what you mean about an older home. It never ends. But it is hard to get the character an older home has in a new home without spending a lot more money. Done it both ways and I'm not sure which is better at this point.

  8. Congrats on the new floor! It is shiny and pretty and will be so much easier to keep clean. I need to pull up my carpet but I am so dreading emptying that room again. I can't wait to see what comes out of that room next!

  9. Faye from what I can see it's perfect! I'm jealous.

  10. I am so envious of your sewing room floor! And I totally understand your desire to get your sewing room back. Enjoy it!

  11. I have hardwood floors throughout my house and vinyl in the basement. I couldn't be happier! It is so easy to clean and there's no more worry about lost pins in the carpet pile. Your floors look great and I know you're going to love it!

  12. Your floors are beautiful. Please wait for them to dry completely or you will be so disappointed. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Can't wait to see all of the wonderful creations that will come from a new room and a well rested body!

  13. Your floor is spectacular!!! Congratulations on the progress.

  14. Your floor is beautiful. I actually prefer hard wood floors than wall to wall carpeting. It's easier to care of. I know you are anxious to get back into your sewing room. I anxious just to sew something. Lol

  15. That floor is stunning, good luck moving everything back in.

  16. When we moved in, my sewing room had baby blue (dirty) plush carpet. Yup, that sucker came right up and I put down laminate - fabulous !

    Old houses don't need to be made new, but shiny and pretty is always nice - enjoy your 'new, shiny' floor :-)

  17. Your floor is beautiful! I love hardwood floors too! The day I moved in my home, the carpets came out!




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