November 28, 2012


...continues to be a  source of inspiration to me.  That's a good thing, right?  Yes it is!  Other People's Stuff causes me to have an ever growing "List of things I want to make or try".  Seeing the creativity of others causes me to s-t-r-e-t-c-h or challenge myself to greater heights.  It's exciting!, and I always thrive on excitement.  When I'm really excited about a project I seem to do my best work - and that makes the time spent in my sewing room a sheer joy.

I've spent all my sewing time during the last two weeks working on SCARVES, since I committed myself to an upcoming craft fair (December 8th) a school fundraiser.   I've been going a little bonkers.  I'm thankful for the constant stream of  inspiration provided by other sewing and crafting bloggers (and of course Pinterest)  Other than this I wouldn't have had much excitement lately.

I've wanted to learn how to create a blog collage for a long time and finally got around to it today.  So I'll  share my weekly source of inspiration here in my very first college.  

1. Virginia's Sew Blessed Daughter's Working Girl Cargos
2.  Cotton and Curl's Week of Leather
3.  Erica B's Team Spirited Houndstooth coat
4.  Kojo Design's J-Crewy wool tweed skirt

Happy rest of the week ya'll...


  1. I'm with you. There is so much inspiration to be had from our fellow bloggers. Now if they could just pass out time!

  2. This is why I like to do the Wednesday Showcase. I gain wonderful inspiration and make new friends in the process!!

  3. Lovely post :)'s nice to know that I've inspired since I too have been inspired by others - a list on which your name appears! What a great way to showcase your inspiration...glad to have been included. Best wishes for a successful fundraiser!

  4. Hi, honey! You have a great blog, very interesting and you are very beautiful! I'm your new reader! If you do not mind, I'll wait for you in my blog!))))

  5. Oh my gosh, Faye...I can't go a day without being inspired by other bloggers. It has changed the style and quality of my sewing in such a positive way.And it also challenges me to be the best inspiration I can be. I LOVE the blogging community!

  6. I agree with you totally Faye. So many bloggers I have been following including you have inspired me to not only with my sewing but you've all also inspired me to start blogging about my sewing adventures as well. So thank you for being a wonderful source of inspiration :)

    Oh by the way congratulations on your 1st collage.... looks great!

  7. Congratulations on your first collage. It looks great. On topic.., Other people's stuff has the same effect on me. :-) List to create list keep growing and growing. It's to big to list. So you have a sista' in the struggle to make things that inspire us.



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