October 4, 2014


...Well, the chickens finally came home to roost this week.  Being ugly just does not pay.  It all boils down to something Char said (paraphrased) "it's not about who sews the best, it's about who's the last one left standing".  Even though it's possible that Char could go home next week, I am so glad she was left standing this time.  My take on the preview of next weeks show is either Tim Gunn is trying to start some PR drama by pairing Char and returning designer Korina, or he is trying to give Korina a chance to redeem her ugliness.   Mmmmm we'll see.

Speaking of PR branding again:
October 23rd
October 30th
What a lineup!  I'll have great Thursday night television for weeks and weeks to come...


  1. I just watched this weeks episode, and totally agree with you on this one. Because of Korina's behavior, I don't think I would have wanted her to stay even if she had a better design. She was so busy wallowing in pity, that she didn't focus on her design and the best usage of time. If I were a client of hers and saw this weeks episode, I think I'd find me another designer. Well, I have my recorder set for next weeks episode and the other variations of PR.

    I am a little concerned about the PR Threads show and the format of that one. I hope they keep in mind that these are young people when they do their critiques.

    Oh well So-o-o Much Project Runway and So-o-o- Little Time!

    1. I love the show and just can't help analyzing the outcome after each show. Adds so much entertainment for me.

  2. I have always been a fan of Char, and was a little surprised when this week's episode contained a lot of comments about how her sewing ability was not as high as the other designers left in the competition. I didn't Tim feel was off base to use his save on her, and up to that point (in my opinion) she had shown herself to be a very competent sewist. I did feel, however, the others were being less than genuine when they were afraid to voice their reluctance to speak their mind in front of the women they chose to model their garments, yet were vocal about their reluctance to let Char put in her zipper when the were together in the lounge. I was reminded of how the Republican Senators gathered in a secret room and vowed to do everything they could to undermine Obama's presidency within hours of learning of his decisive victory. It is very sad that Korina would have certainly accepted the save and the opportunity to insert a zipper if it were her in Char's position, but chose to bad mouth her instead of accepting her defeat gracefully. I know she must feel sad that she is being seen as a sore loser, and cannot accept harsh comments about her design aesthetic. Char is certainly as competent a sewer as Jeffrey Sebelia (Season 3 Winner), whom I still do not believe sewed all his final garments to win his season. His win convinced me that PR is looking for a designer (ideas) rather than a sewist (construction). If you get the both skills (a complete package) (i.e., Kini and Zac Posen), you are certainly ahead of the pack.
    Just my two cents. Can't wait to see next week's episode.

    1. IF (and that is a great big IF) I were ever on PR, (which wouldn't happen because I could never deal with that much stress) I would keep my little candid opinions (especially nasty ones) to myself. You have to be so careful about the words you say - they can easily boomerang back to you.

  3. Korinas behavior not professional and she knew she was choosing something she could not pull together in an hour. Her true colors showing all around. I'm glad Char is still in

    1. I certainly agree Elizabeth! It's a shame that she let her ugly little personality show on national TV.

  4. I was so very happy to see her go! It was ruining the whole vibe on Project Runway and glad she walked away the second time...it was the best thing she could have done! Thanks for the heads up on the two new shows starting!




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