May 30, 2015


...truth be told
my cutting table is in a straight up mess!  There certainly hasn't been any production coming out of this sewing room.  Been too busy with end of school year close-out, traveling to my grandson's graduation, finishing up this loooong 4-day workweek, and sewing project indecisiveness to produce anything.

 I am perched up in here this morning however.  Enjoying my non-traditional breakfast (perhaps a southern thing).  Left over of Parmesan grilled Salmon, pasta w/Broccoli, and a big old glass of Iced Tea w/ lemon (tea Arnold Palmer style).
So the main goals for today are:
1) clean up my cutting table mess ( I do commend myself; however, in that I've kept it clear for quite some time); and
2) muslin a project I've been pondering for a while.

 Hope you have a great sewing related day...

May 17, 2015



It's just a little bit messy, but it's all good because it's all sewing related stuff.  I've been really concentrating hard on keeping this in a "Cutting Table Surface" rather than a catch all.  The small piles of fabric are a typical sign of indecisiveness - what do I make next????

May 10, 2015




Now for sewing updates:
This weekend's make - another Simplicity 1916 view F for my daughter. Fabric has been stashed for eons, jersey knit from where I can't remember.  Nice print, but for some reason the dickens to sew.  Changed needles several times and eventually had to change machines because the stitches kept skipping.  Awful, but I refused to throw in the towel on this one and was finally able to get it finished.

Have a Happy Mother's Day!!!

May 4, 2015


... Can't you just tell that I love sewing.  Even if things don't always work out perfectly, I still love it.  I have been having a ball!  This weekend I made
2 for her and one for me

Top #1 from Burda 7340 View A -  Sort of asymmetrical easy two piece pattern. The most trouble I had was switching between a single and double needle two or three times which was a pain.  If I wasn't too lazy to thread up the coverstitch machine it would have been so much simpler.  This top was a easy make and fit right in with my current KNIT TOP FRENZY (no folks, the frenzy ain't over yet.  I've got too much knit yardage calling my name).

Top #2 is Simplicity 1362 View A -  I always end up with kind of pattern - the kind I don't love but  go ahead and buy because it's on sale and cause I might want it later. (hahaha!)  I knew full well going in that there was going to be a battle matching the stripes of this chiffonny aztec print - I usually avoid prints like this.  But it was on sale and I liked the colors.  Easy Pattern EXCEPT I don't like using bias binding to finish the neckline (I skipped using it on the armholes though - just serged and turned under).  The fabric is sheer so it'll have to be worn with a cami.

Top #3 Vogue 1282 Donna Karan's crazy pattern made for the fourth time.  I LOVE IT!, and if it wouldn't be too darned crazy I'd make it in EVERY color.  Several people mentioned that they wanted to try this pattern so I wanted to suggest checking out Barbara V's tip on incorporating a BACK DART that will make the back neckline fit better.  It works like a charm.

May 2, 2015


...sewing long distance for my daughter using her measurements was a bit scary.  I love to sew, but don't like to waste my time - like every sewist I want to end up with a good well constructed garment.  Of course the bottom line was I wanted the tops to fit correctly, and I wanted her to like them and want to wear them. I made 5 knit tops altering patterns from my stash because we  have different measurements and body shapes.  I "guessed" at the alterations but I think all in all things turned out very well.  I was happy when she sent me pictures this afternoon.  Her smile let me know that she likes my work.

This makes me want to sew for her more.  Since three of the patterns used have style variations I will be able to use the already altered pattern pieces confidently to create different designs.  This was also a great stashbusting project.  (She dared me to post these pictures on Facebook or Instagram but gave me full permission to use them on my blog.  Even threatened to contact MY lawyer if I didn't obey ) - get your own lawyer bossy girl!  Love my one and only, she's my very best project evah...


...Happy May ya'll!  In preparation of my next project I performed a little sewing room maintenance this morning.  The cutting table only contains "LEGAL" sewing related stuff (which is a miracle).  I even did a much needed 409 wipe down of my white sewing table.  It surprises me how cruddy my sewing table can become - so much dust and thread remnants.
Finished another top for my daughter last night.
Burda 7340 

Pleated side seam ruching
Tired and work week weary I made a trip to Hancock's yesterday.  What does it take to re-energize a sewer?  Show her some great knit that is REALLY on sale!  Regular $7.99 on sale for $2.99 (96% poly 4% spandex - in glorious spring colors).  I definitely think I can work with these cuts.

The piece that shows up brown is actually an army green.  I LOVE that color!
Please don't tell my budget that I made this purchase; but I simply COULD NOT pass this opportunity up...

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