May 27, 2010


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Cecil said...

Your dresses are really pretty and i have enjoyed reading your blog for some time. I've recently moved to Warner Robins from upstate NY and have been very disappointed that there is not much of a selection of fabric stores here. I still like to touch my fabrics before purchasing and really miss doing that. I was shocked that you mentioned Warner that here in Georgia? I'm interested in finding some sewing buddies that enjoy making clothes...not crafts.


Cecil you mentioned that you recently moved to Warner Robins from upstate NY, and later asked if Warner Robins is in Georgia....
To answer your question, yes Warner Robins is in Georgia. To my knowledge there is only one Warner Robins in Georgia. I also think there is only one WR in the US, but I may well be mistaken about that. Warner Robins, formerly Wellston was re-named after Colonel Augustus Warner Robins some 50 years ago. I may have mis-read your comment, but are you currently living in Warner Robins, Georgia? What part of upstate NY do you hail from? Are you military?
Yes, it is SO SAD that our fabric sources are so limited here, but I hear that Hancocks is expanding, and there will soon be a Joanne's in Macon which will be a big help! I am mostly into apparel sewing, however my two sewing buddies sometimes get heavily into crafts - but it all works out well because we each have our own areas of expertise (if you will), and help each other out. Are you male or female (asked because of the spelling of your name). Do you have email?

p.s. thanks for reading my blog!


  1. Hi Faye,

    SORRY for the confusion! Yes, I am female and was hesitant in sending a comment because I didn't want you to think it might be a stalker (smile...with this traditionally male name). I was not savvy enough to use a pseudo name for blogging! But for some reason I was just so shocked when i saw Warner Robins in your post, it just surprised me that someone's sewing blog that I read lives so near. Anyway, I do have an email. I think it attached to this comment. As you can see I am not very keen on this type of stuff. And I do enjoy seeing all your sewing with all the other blogs, they inspire me to sew more.

  2. Hi, Cecil! I'm not a blogger only a blog-reader, but I'm also in WR, GA.

  3. I enjoy reading about people finding others with the same interest.

  4. Have you perhaps found another New York State neighbor?

  5. Faye, Cecil, that is soooo cool when you can find someone who enjoys sewing as much as you do! That's why I starting Blogging! Good Luck!

  6. There is Gail's in Atlanta. There fabric is BEAUTIFUL, though expensive

  7. I'm a Western New York person!! I love reading other blogs -- they give me SO much inspiration...oh where oh where was the internet when I was young...

  8. I hope the two of you and the blog reader who commented have a chance to meet and greet each other.

  9. Danielle! So what kind of sewing do you do? I don't even know where to begin to start a blog and I'm not sure I would have the time to keep it up. I now have a lot of emails to return as this has generated a lot of responses to ME?? How nice to know you live nearby...maybe we in Warner Robins should get something started together.

  10. Faye - You're very welcome. I will certainly try to be more of an active participator. I usually just read blogs instead of commenting. That feels kind of sneaky (smile) but it's a lot of fun.
    Cecil (Sew It Fits)

  11. Hi all who sent me an email. I replied to you individually before I realized that I should have posted here. Faye, thanks for initially allowing me use your format to connect with other sewers. I must work on starting my own blog!

  12. Faye, please forgive me for using your blog for this purpose, but Cecil, what is your email address? Mine is



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