May 23, 2010


I actually did not have a clear cut sewing plan for this weekend - all I knew is I really wanted to sew! I knew I wanted to finish my first ever dec project (a little home dec is in my 2010 goal list). I haven't talked about it here, pictures are forth coming as soon as it's finished. I didn't finish the project because I ran out of trim for the project. It's for a friend so I'll have to wait until she can come up with the extra.

I also knew that I wanted to make a quick dress (discussed in my last post). Quick dress, you know the kind that is so simple, but turns out looking like a million. I was so enthused with the outcome of the dress I completed yesterday....(I'm calling it my "PURPLE RAIN " dress),

and after being encouraged by my sewing buddies, I made another one. They encouraged me on to the second one because they think I have a large knit stash. Mind you, I don't think I have enough. But, being hyped by sewing success, I dug in and pulled another piece from the knit drawer.See, don't you think I need much, much more - like maybe two more drawers full - then I think I'd be happy!!!!

The two knit pieces I used this weekend came from my NYC shopping trip last summer - both from Metro Textiles. After I got the fabric home, I started having buyers remorse. Most of the fabric I bought there were much larger prints than I'm use too. When I looked at it after getting it home my first thought was "What in the world was I thinking??? What am I going to make from these big prints???" I was just so overwhelmed when I finally found that store, and he had such a large selection that I just bought - because I knew I wasn't leaving there empty handed. Well, I ran out of summer and had to start fall sewing so the huge print knits were packed back. Now that summer's here again I AM SO GLAD THAT I HAVE THEM, big prints and all, because there is nothing to be had in Warner Robins in the way of knits right now.

My second bold print success of a dress is called "POSIES IN THE JUNGLE".

Simple, yes! Fits well and comfortable. An easy to take care of, jump in and go dress that no one else in town has, that makes the wearer proud!!!


  1. Oh, I love this dress even more than the purple one!
    And, is there anyone living really satisfied with her fabric stash??

  2. Your dresses are so much cuter than the pattern drawings. I'm jealous!

  3. You have convinced me. I am adding this one to my sewing list. I love that print.

  4. Yes I did Faye! Thank you so much! (I apologize for not getting back to you sooner!)

  5. Love the dresses! They do look like they will be comfy for the hot summer weather.

  6. Wow! Another wonderful dress! Maybe I should look at this pattern. I have a few knits ~ not as many as you ~ that need a good dress pattern.

  7. You have knits!!! Such glorious knits!!! Sorry, I'm obsessed with them. LOL! I love your choices and the two dresses. They look so comfortable.

  8. You can never have too many knits. One day you will need a dress in a hurry and you will pick up one of those big prints and sew it up and wear it immediately and you will be glad you did because it will be perfect! I like this second dress. I have a similar knit in the same colours and I wear it all the time.

  9. These are great dresses! I love both colors and patterns! I think you've convinced me to get this pattern too! Beautiful job on both!

  10. There's nothing like having an easy breezy dress that is also cute and comfortable.

  11. (singing) "Purple rain, purple rain, I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain".
    Love both of them, gotta go find the lyrics for the theme to the Lion King for the other dress lol.

  12. I love both dresses (and thanks, now I have purple rain stuck in my head. Well, I guess it could be a lot worse :-))!

    I have a couple of jersey wrap dresses and love them. They are so comfortable yet still stylish.

    And no, you can never have enough fabric stash. Ever. So that second drawer? I think you really need that. ;-)

  13. Nice! Between you and Carolyn, I'm going to break down and sew a dress this summer.

  14. Look at you go!!!! Another gorgeous dress...

  15. Lovely dresses and after seeing so many dresses in blogisphere, need to sew up a few.

  16. Great easy breezy dresses. You made me start singing "Purple Rain". ;-) Looking forward to seeing your home dec projects.

  17. Great dresses! I need more summer dresses in my life. I guess I should look at my knit stash, too.

  18. Ahhhh summer dresses! You'll need those in South GA!

  19. both dresses look beautiful and i'm dying to have your knit stash!

  20. Such cute dresses! I definitely stockpile knit prints--I feel you!

  21. Your dresses are really pretty and i have enjoyed reading your blog for some time. I've recently moved to Warner Robins from upstate NY and have been very disappointed that there is not much of a selection of fabric stores here. I still like to touch my fabrics before purchasing and really miss doing that. I was shocked that you mentioned Warner Robins...is that here in Georgia? I'm interested in finding some sewing buddies that enjoy making clothes...not crafts.

  22. I like your dresses -so pretty! And a sewista can never have enough knits!

  23. I love your purple rain dress. I called my dress purple rain too when I used that fabric. So funny!

  24. Yes you do girlfriend! I can see some yummy knits!




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