May 22, 2010


...I'm speaking of McCall's 6074. I needed another quick, easy, breezy summer knit dress. ( I only have two or three obsessions-knit fabric being one of them.) So me and one of my sewing buddies (Ebony) were on the phone last night tossing up options to fit the bill. We simultaneously reviewed 4 or 5 patterns via the internet, blogs and pattern review, and with Ebony's youthful eye for detail, settled on M6074. Ebony is the fashion guru that helps me whenever there is a question as to whether a style is too matronly or whether it will age me. Mind you, I DO NOT MIND BEING A GRAND-MOTHER, as a matter of fact I am quite happy with my status. However, being a grandmother does not mean that I have to look like one. Now back to the dress - I really wanted something easy and quick, but cute. We couldn't find a review of this pattern anywhere, so I opted not to use my best knit to try it out. Instead I chose a knit that I like, but was not madly in love with (just sort of). So I guess I can call this a wearable muslin.
The pattern states: "1 Hour Dress". That description should mean quick and easy, and in this case it was true to it's word. The dress could actually be completed in just one hour. There are only THREE pattern pieces. Not three main pattern pieces, but just three. The 1 hour dress would have taken me only one hour, but (and you know there is always a but) I was sleep sewing last night, and serged the front side seam to one side of the center back. If I hadn't had to de-construct that seam I could have completed the dress last night well within an hour.

I didn't add any of my usual over thinking, "I know better than the instruction sheet" techniques to this project. I simply made it up following the exact directions. I really thought about adding self bias binding to the armholes and neckline - but you will be surprised to know, I held myself back. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out! Does it look like the pattern envelope? Exactly! I really thought it was going to turn out to be a mumu, but it's actually fitted throughout the waist area with full swing below the hip - rather jazzy for a three piece pattern with just four seams. I hemmed by machine, - a time saver. And now I have a new Sunday dress.Will I make another one? Not quite sure, although I do like the look and fit of the dress. I might make it again if I need a super quick project other than a top.

Saturday afternoon; the house is clean, the wash is done - think I might take a really short nap and then go to the gym for a couple of treadmill miles. Happy weekend all!.......


  1. Beautiful dress!! And made in an hour - that's amazing - I'm going to order this pattern right now.

  2. Very nice! Hope the weather there is warm enough to wear it right away.

  3. Thanks for pointing us towards a quick and easy pattern with good results. Your dress looks great and your day sounds lovely.

  4. Hey! That's my favorite knit fabric! Harumpf. ;) I love the dress. Let's see it on you too please.

  5. Very lovely dress! These are the types of "Quick and Easy" projects we sewers like. It's perfect!

  6. Really pretty dress....purple being by favorite color!

  7. This a nice dress and I love the print, too. I'm always on the look out for knit dress patterns, so thanks for this one. I'll bet you're the best dressed grandmother in town!

  8. Great dress and perfect for hot, sultry days (and nights)!

  9. So cute, if that's the knit you're not crazy about I'll gladly take it, it's gorgeous.

  10. Great dress! And ready in an hour, that makes the dress even more wonderful :-D

  11. beautiful!
    i do like the drawing of the dress a lot, it looks like it has nice lines. i might have to try this since it worked so well for you and didn't come out too loose!

  12. Adorable dress and your day sounds just like mine!




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