May 9, 2010


I only had two sewing goals for the weekend:

1) Hush up the Jalie top pattern by getting it made, and;

2) Make up Butterick 5456 for Autumn, the student who does all of my photographs.

I'm so happy to report that both goals were accomplished! I just need to find pants to wear with the top that I've named "Pretty Sweet", because it's definitely being worn to work tomorrow. The fabric used is a really soft and nice feeling Wal Mart find. It's left over from a dress that I made for my Mom for Mother's day.

JALIE REVIEW: As I said before, I've seen this pattern all around sewing blogland. Although I've never sewn a Jalie before, the popularity made me lust after the pattern (I'M SURE YOU'VE RECOGNIZED THAT I AM A PATTERN HOG!). A quick review of the pattern instructions left me feeling a little intimidated at first, but I also felt compelled to take the challenge. While making the top I was reminded of a Bisquick Impossible Pie - the ones in which the crust miraculously rises to the top. During the construction I remember thinking "it will be a miracle if this works"...and so it was, because it did indeed work out.

After attaching the back and fronts at the shoulder seam, the right side of the collar is attached to the wrong side of the top. The top is then rolled into the collar - jelly roll fashion, and then the collar is sewn together to form a tube (that actually contains the entire top - minus the sleeves). You leave a 1" opening in the tube and then proceed to pull the back and fronts of the top through. When that is accomplished the result is a concealed seam that connects the collar to the top. GENUS!!! All that's left to do is sew the center seam, attach the sleeves, hem top and sleeves - and it's finished.

I also need to mention that the sleeves went in with a glitch. No need to gather or ease stitch, it just fit wonderfully! So no need to remove any sleeve ease - which I've started doing with all of my sleeves because I can't stand a sleeve pucker.

The pattern has three views, and I do intend on making the sleeveless version very soon. I think that this is a wonderful pattern. So, if you've been thinking about making it, know that it is a breeze to put together. I've officially coined this a TNT pattern.

Here's a picture of Autumn's Butterick dress. She got her fabric from Hobby Lobby according to the yardage requirements that I gave her. Mind you, the yardage I quoted her did not include the amount needed to line the bodice - DUH! So I had to rummage through my scrap box and lucky found a piece of poly-knit to make up the difference to line her dress. I wanted to kick myself for that mistake. I was not into making a Hancock run this weekend. Believe I am seriously trying to stay out of that store - trying to visit only every other week. My budget needs a break!

Here's the key holed back of the dress:

This time I just topstitched the neckline, arm hole area, and the keyhole area. The last time I made this dress I understitched the entire thing per pattern instructions and it was quite a miserable experience. Although I enjoy the benefits of understitching, when the pattern instructions tell you to understitch as far as you can go, right then and there you know it's going to be a difficult procedure.

All I need to do now is bag up the dress and put it in the car today so I won't forget to take it to school.

So that wraps up the sewing week for me. I'll be working Monday and Tuesday nights and then I can get back to sewing at night again. Now I'm off to start preparing for Monday, hope everyone is having a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too. The jalie blouse came out great and your photogher is going to enjoy her dress.

  2. Ooo, I love both of those garments. I have been seeing so many wonderful versions of the Jalie top and, like you, I am lusting after it. Your version may have just pushed me over the edge. I mean, I really should support my Canadian sewing companies shouldn't I? Ah, the lovely sound of rationalization...

  3. Great top and very cute dress. Thanks for sharing the tip for making the top, I'm going to do that for mine. I really like the print of your top. I've been seeing a lot of that colour lately and I think it's a fresh summer shade.

  4. The top and dress look great! I'm so glad the pattern worked for you.

  5. Great sewing, Faye. What an accomplishment, having two new beautiful garments to wear this week!

  6. Good sewing weekend for you! Interesting how the Jalie pattern attaches the necktie..

  7. Both items look great. I might have to try that Jalie pattern.

  8. Hello Mrs. Faye...I have that same fabric from walmart also that I bought a long time ago...I havent used it yet but I think I will make it up this summer as a dress...we will see...Have a great week.

  9. Hello Mrs. Faye...I have that same fabric from walmart also that I bought a long time ago...I havent used it yet but I think I will make it up this summer as a dress...we will see...Have a great week.

  10. Not only are you an amazing seamstress but a fast one, too! I love that top. I have been guilty of forgetting about lining and such, too.

  11. Ooo... great job!! Those are awesome!

  12. Cute tops , and happy mom's day to you...

  13. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    Both items look good, it is so nice to "tick things off the list." Thanks for explaining a little more about how the Jalie pattern works.

  14. Excellent returns on your sewing investment this weekend! Autumn's dress is really nice, too, I like the color combo.

  15. That dress is gorgeous! I'm going to have to get that pattern.

  16. Happy belated Mother's Day!!! I know your student is going to be so happy with her new dress. Your Jalie top is too cute. I'm actually getting that pattern.

  17. I've never sewn a Jalie pattern either and just ordered this one. Thanks for the great information. I love your top and hope mine comes out as well!

  18. Hi Faye - thanks so much for the info you left on my blog about the Jalie pattern - that was very thoughtful of you. I'm really keen to try it out - yours is so gorgeous!!! I also love that Butterick dress - what a great little dress for summer. The keyhole back is such a lovely feature and Autumn has certainly chosen some beautiful fabric.

  19. Good job Faye! Nice top, I've not tried a Jalie pattern yet... I've not bought any patterns lately... I told myself I wouldn't buy any more until I atlest got all the ones in the "to be cut out" box cut and filed. But when I do... I might have to try a Jalie, they are very popular.
    Great dress, love the back detail and the fabric!!

  20. Excellent top and adorable dress!

  21. Your Jalie top turned out great. How nice to have a TNT right off the bat.
    Your student is sure to love her new dress.

  22. Two great projects! I am sure your student will love her dress--it's youthful but also appropriate for a younger woman.

  23. Congrats on accomplishing your goal. Now you and Autumn have great tops.

  24. the dress with a key hole detail is adorable!!

    btw, thanks for your comment on my blog:) about the cut out dress, its a modification of burdastyle danielle pattern:)

  25. Faye, you are something serious over there in GA!!! I am amazed the garments you have sewn in such a short time. Wow, I need to get started somewhere, huh? Happy Mother's Day to you, sorry I missed your call. Love Ya!

  26. Thankyou for that great review of the Jalie pattern, It sounds like one of those amazing patterns that surprise and delight you without any hair-tearing moments, how wonderful...!
    Very nice of you to make that gorgeous dress for your friend. She's going to love it, lucky for her!




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