June 10, 2011


...This week I have been working on my dress for the "Ideal Summer Dress Challenge".  I must admit - it's been slow going.  The sewing week just has not gone as planned.  I  had plans to  finished my dress last weekend, and planned start a second one this week.  BUT to quote Robert Burns, 

"the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray".

I'm so close to finishing, yet it seems so far away.  The hand stitched hem seems to be taking forever, not to mention I didn't even get a chance to touch it last night.  The hem, button holes and buttons and then it will be finished.

The red belt is a tad too big, need to make an adjustment in it so it will fit better.
Ebony, my youthful stylist, suggested that I pair it with red accessories, and I usually 99 times out of a 100 take her advice.  She assists me in jazzing up my style a little bit, and is helping me embrace my age rather than slipping right on over into old ladyhood (lol).   When I'm on the brink, she snatches me back again.  I must admit that I probably wouldn't have thought of red, but it does make the dress pop; but it also means that I'll be forced to go out and find some red shoes.

The dress is a good fit, and I'm sure I'll enjoy wearing it.  I plan on taking it on a test drive at next Friday's graduation, so I really need to finalize this project this weekend...


  1. I love the top. I always had a thing for the colors red, black, and white together.What pattern did you use.

  2. It's looking great!! And I love the red belt. I wouldn't worry about matching shoes so much.

  3. Love the red belt too and not to mention the dress of course.

  4. Your dress is looking good. I like the red idea. I think red shoes are a good buy, they look great with so many different outfits and colours. I love 'em!

  5. Faye, Ms. Ebony is absolutely correct in her advice...that red belt makes the dress "shine"! I love this look and can't wait to see it on you.

  6. Fabulous! Looks so fasionable and I love that red belt. My sewing week hasn't gone as planned either. I'll try to play catchup next week. (fingers crossed)

  7. Faye, I love this. It's so classic yet fun. And, I agree, the red belt is fabulous!

  8. "The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray
    I am so close to finishing, yet it seems so far away"

    You have the beginnings of your own poem there!

    But seriously, you are going to have a very good looking dress and very appropriate for hot weather.

  9. Yes the final sewing hour seems to drag on for days for me as well. Black and white and red has always been a favorite combo of mine. Turquoise would work too.

  10. Sorry for being such a stick in the mud, but I think the plans go "awry", not astray.

    The red belt looks great.

    And may all your future sewing plans turn out spot on.

  11. The best laid plans of mice and men must be somewhere that I'm not invited, that's for sure! I don't even know where the last 2 weeks have gone! I'm going to try to cut this afternoon; maybe you can extend the challenge a few days for me and other slowpokes?

  12. The red accessories are awesome with this dress. And the dress itself is great. You are going to be cool (and hot) this summer. (I just got back from my trip. I didn't take my cloud dress because it just wasn't that kind of trip.)



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