June 25, 2011


SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME....I THINK I'M OBSESSED (I guess everyone has a little ocd in them and I'm no exception), OR MAYBE I'M POSSESSED (but in a very good way)!!!  At first I just had to have this - I call it Love, Love...
Photo complements of anthropologie.com
I've seen several DIY bloggers who have successfully knocked this baby off with no problem.  I digress, one of the bad things about knowing how to sew is: YOU GET TO THINKING THAT YOU CAN MAKE EVERY DOGGONE THING!  That's how I feel at times - Invincible when it comes to sewing.  I become "Super Sewing Woman" - but, alas, it's all in my mind.   It wasn't that I didn't think I could make my above listed Love, Love for my newly (re-done bathroom - a New Jersey Housewife term - those who watch them understand what I mean), but my indecisiveness prevented me from choosing a color scheme, and I could not find broadcloth in the colors that I did choose.   Then again I kept wondering if I all those ruffles would make me feel claustrophobic in my tiny bathroom.   I've been searching for fabrics for weeks to no avail and was all but ready to throw in the towel on this one.  I said to myself, "Linda just buy a nice curtain and be done with it"...

...until this morning when I discovered this beaut - I'm now obsessed with this!  I call LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...

Photo complements of anthropologie.com

Isn't it beautiful!   Just looks simpler although probably just as time consuming - there's millions of little tiny petals on it.  But it wouldn't take too much decision on the colors, and wouldn't make me feel too boxed in.  It would be wonderful with a matching window curtain!

Just wondering if anyone has any ideals for knocking this baby off????


  1. Geez. I've just made some of those Japanese flower petals. Seven petals, not 7 flowers. Took me all afternoon what with one thing and another, mostly stupidity. But like you I have often gotten it in my mind that I can make ANYTHING. And, while I probably can after more than 60 years of sewing, I occasionally come to the conclusion that it' ok to buy it sometimes :).

  2. I Understand Knock Off Obssession.

    I think we might be looking at making ruffles for this one. The first one.

    I suggest a blank inexpensive canvas/cotton fabric for the base. Underneath that will be the plastic shower curtain.

    Than I would cut 10 LIGHTWEIGHT strips , allow for gathering. The fabric would have to be lighter so not to pull shower curtain into shower, and break rod...

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  3. Ummm, is there any reason you can't just buy one?? Or am I missing the point...I mean I could be...

  4. Wish I had some helpful suggestions on pulling off that gorgeous shower curtain. There is something about making home dec projects.... Yes that heart warming feeling every time you look or touch it. I am sure you can do it and started cheering you on.

  5. I'm with Carolyn on this one. Unless you are actively set on losing your mind, don't bother with sewing on 1001 little petals! =)


  6. What a coincidence! I just knocked off a petal-covered dress! Sewing a thousand petals may indeed drive you nuts, but I actually found it extremely relaxing once I got into a groove. You can read all about it on my brand new blog: stylememary.blogspot.com

    Good luck, and keep us posted!

  7. Those aren't your standard shower curtains for sure. Those are gorgeous!!! I love that first one.

  8. If you're set on knocking it off, maybe venturing up to the big city to take a look at it in person?

    If I was making it, buying a blank off white curtain is certainly cheaper than the anthro one, and then sewing lots of petal/leaves would be the way to go.

  9. Both are lovely! Yeah, it is hard to draw the line on what to sew vs what to buy - especially when that thing *should* be easy to make, like a shower curtain.

  10. @Mary: When I saw the shower curtain, I immediately thought of your winning dress! You knocked that off beautifully.

  11. I starting lol when I saw "every doggone thing"! Been there, done that. I would actually proably find a way to WEAR that first shower curtain. It's beautiful. I know, I'm no help. I have a feeling you'll figure it out! Keep us posted!

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  13. I have no suggestions for the second shower curtain, but for the first one I would use a fabric base, and use a thin cotton fabric and dye it myself. I would cut the fabric into the width needed for the ruffles and use Jacquard Procion MX dyes, and leave each piece of fabric in a different length of time to create the gradient effect. For instance 15 minutes, 30, 45 etc. After experimenting of course. The beauty of it is, that you could choose which ever color strikes your fancy.

    On the other hand, as Carolyn says, you could just buy it (but it wouldn't be fun that way).


  14. I totally know what you mean about thinking you can make everything. I've thought that too about that same anthro shower curtain! I just found your blog by the way from a search of sewing blogs and I really like yours. I just became a follower! Here is my sewing blog: www. decemberskye.com




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