June 11, 2011


 ...under deep cover (remember that Lawrence Fishburne movie?) in the sewing cave.

I got up kinda early to finish sewing the buttons on my Dress Challenge project.
So my first dress is now 100% finished.  Thought I'd go out shoe shopping today, but decided that will have to wait until after Church tomorrow.  (Putting shoe shopping off as long as possible. Love shoes, hate to shop for them.)  Pictures of me wearing the dress - forth coming.

I had to do some backing tracking on my last completed project - my TNT jacket.
What does the jacket have to do with the dress?  Nothing at all, just needed some place to put it.
After it was finished, I kept looking at it and something was off.  One sleeve was almost an inch longer than the other.   Now how in the world did that happen???  Removed the cuff, cut 1 inch from the sleeve - now I'm comfortable with it even though the matching pants have become a momentary UFO.
With 5 more days left in the Dress Challenge of course I figure I can complete ONE MORE DRESS.  I've loved this dress since first laying eyes on it, so I borrowed Trinilove's pictures to show here.  Besides the dress I just finished, this is my second choice of the IDEAL SUMMER DRESS.
Here is the pattern...

And here is my fabric.
It's a colorful peachskin from Joann's 1/2 price clearance table that I'm really in love with.  I'm off to cut out a muslin y'all because you know how I am when there's fabric love involved...


  1. Love those polka dots and the red belt just makes the dress sing.

  2. Love the dress!!! And, I can't wait to see the new one..great pattern!

  3. Your dress turned out so well. It will be the perfect summer dress. Your jacket looks great, too. At least the difference in sleeve lengths was easy to fix.
    That fabric is soooooo pretty. I love the color combination. My favorite!!!! It looks very soft and flowy, too.

  4. OMGoodness! I love your dress Faye! - Such a great choice of fabric! Classic polka dots! Can't wait to see you wearing it! Hope you find your shoes!

  5. Anonymous6/11/2011

    I cannot wait to see that fabric made up into the dress. I'm sure it's going to look stunning.

  6. TWO dresses! You're on fire!
    And I totally love the colourful smudges on that blue fabric... looks like a dreamy watermark print

  7. So pretty! i love polka dots! faye,I really like your idea of posting your finished 2011 projects on your sidebar. There are some great pics there!

  8. It's really pretty Faye! and I'm in love with your newest project, both the dress pattern and the fabric!! Can't wait to see this one completed! Good Luck, I know you can make it in 5 days!!!

  9. I am loving the polka dots and the red belt is perfect. The fabric for your second dressis WoW... so pretty.



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