June 28, 2011


Sadly I'm was not able to make my annual trek to upstate New York so I was forced into a Staycation.  In order to sequester depression and sadness, I've turned it all into a Sewcation.  Although sewing always goes much slower than I actually think it will, I am enjoying my SW/OP (sewing without a plan) time.  That's right - whatever comes up is what I've cut out and taken straight to the sewing machine.

I noticed a top that a student was wearing several weeks ago - YOU KNOW HOW WE DO.  Where most people "people watch", I like most sewists garment watch.  I loved the top, complemented her on it, and simultaneously structured my plan to knock it off; after all - "it's all for the love of the game."  I instantly knew I had just the right fabric and just the right pattern(s).  I morphed Simplicity  4503 and the neckline of Burda 7449.  The first attempt was a disaster and squeezed me like a sausage link.   However, I had enough fabric to cut out another one salvaging the cowl collar from the first.  What can I say, I'm in love with it...

Of course it's worn like this.

I spent some time to working on my long over due sewing cave curtains and actually finished them.  These are only the second curtains I've ever made.  I'll post pictures as soon as I get them hung.

Finally made it to the peach orchard so I had to make time to peel these and prepare for the freezer (ya'll do know that I'm a Georgia Peach don't you?).  You also know I have sewing on the brain, so I picked up this cute little peach basket with a handle while at the orchard and it's already found a home in the sewing cave.  In the process of peeling peaches, I received a SURPRISE visit from my Daughter and Grand-Daughter.  So surprising that I didn't even think about taking pictures.  We had two glorious days together too.

Made this cute little apron (my first since 8th grade), using McCall's 5997 minus the instruction sheet (Lord only knows what happened to it.  I really do think it was just missing from the pattern envelope when I purchased it).  Took a little work because I not use to working with instructions.  I did manage to get it together, but afterwards checked the line drawing on the internet and found that I created a whole new way of attaching the ties.  Oh well, it works, and it's pretty.

I also refashioned a top that I made in '09 but only wore once.  
I turned this...
Into this. 
I removed the neckband and sleeves.  The cowl collar is actually one of the sleeves cut the length of the front neckline and attached and viola - now I've got a top I can actually wear.

I've got lots more to do, but there's still no concrete plan.  Not mindless sewing but rather SW/OP - and it's actuallya lot of fun!!!



  1. Enjoy your Sew Just Stay(home)cation!

  2. I'm sorry that you didn't get to got to New York, but your tops are super cute, your peaches look delicious, and you sound like you had fun with your family. Not too shabby!

  3. Fabulous, Faye!

  4. Faye, I never realized it before you said it, but I totally garment watch instead of people watch!!!

    I also SW/OP!!! ha ha ha Have a good sewcation!

  5. That sounds great, I need a staycation, you have some great projects so far.

  6. Those are beautiful. Please loan me some sewjo...lol. I am way behind. Love all your creations and enjoy you vacation

  7. What a productive sewcation!!! I'm drooling over the peaches!!

  8. Your staycation sound like fun. You have so much done already.
    I love your oversize cowl top - what a clever knock off!

  9. I totally "garment watch" all the time, too funny!!! I love, love, love the top you made that resembles the one you saw on your student!! This is really nice!

    I am scheduled for a "sewcation" too the week of July 14 and I can't wait...enjoy yours!! Looking forward to seeing some more great projects completed!

  10. Your sewing projects and the peaches look great and it sounds like you're having a good week.

    I'm in the middle of my very first 'on my own' staycation this week. I had lots of possible plans but haven't sewn a 'real' stitch yet - lots of dog walking, biking, laundry, deck sitting and reading. I finally opened up one of my Singer 99s, re-figured out how to thread it and practiced a bit with the narrow hemmer foot - that's it so far - but it's a great week.

  11. Anonymous6/28/2011

    You did a great job with the tops as well as with the apron. I was just thinking I need to sew up a dozen or so of tops to add to my wardrobe...Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Looks like you have made some great garments on your sewcation. Enjoy.

  13. I love your new sewing term! and that top is so darn cute. Great job!

  14. Wow, you've been really busy! I'm so jealous...I need a sewcation,lol! I love both your tops and the apronis super cute!

  15. "Squeezed me like a sausage link" -- couldn't describe it better! Your top is really pretty perfect.

  16. I have spent the greatest part of the last month cleaning out my closet and dressers, and have been refashioning clothes that I don't love but do love the fabric, too! So sorry you didn't get to make the trek you look forward to.

  17. Oh Ms. Faye, I lovin' your tops. Super cute.



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