September 10, 2011


...first many thanks to those of you who took the challenge of watching me work my way out of my recent sewing slump.  I accomplished my mission of creating the coordinated pieces of my

.Two knit tops with one pair coordinating TNT pants
Simple, yes; but I think it snapped me out of a depressed sewing stage. 

Piece 1:     Vogue 8634 Cowl neck knit top

FABRIC:  1-5/8 yards of a lightweight two way stretch knit purchased from Vogue Fabrics .  I'll need to be careful in laundering this fabric - it has a tendency to shag a bit.  I'll probably hand wash to make it last a while.

PATTERN RATING:  Super easy, super quick.  45 minutes to make less the layout, cutting time, and an hours nap I took last Saturday afternoon.

WEAR-ABILITY TEST:  Opppps!  This top made it into this weeks work rotation but did not stand up to the test.  Be careful if you plan on making this pattern because the neckline is an extremely low cut.  I spent the day pulling it closed;  got really tired of looking down at my bra all day long - should've just pinned it up.

SOLUTION:  Came home yesterday and ripped off the cowl collar.  Had enough fabric left to re-cut the bodice and sleeves for a new top because there was no way was I willing to spend time removing all of the serge stitches.  Raised the front neckline of the pattern a full 3 inches and remade the same pattern.  Now I love it and plan on making another maybe in a solid color.

TIPS OR TECHNIQUES USED:  Used Steam-a-Seam Lite to turn up hems, then stitched down.  Gives me a slightly stabilized more professional looking finished product. I have to try hard to remember to switch over to a jersey ball point needle when sewing knits.

Piece 2:     Simplicity 2181 Mock Twist Front knit top

FABRIC:  1-7/8 yards soft jersey knit purchased at JoAnn's for $1.80 (after redeeming a coupon).  One of my favorite fabrics.  Its forgiving, easy to sew up and take care of.  Minimal to no ironing needed after washing. 

PATTERN RATING:  Not so quick because pattern has 8 pieces.  A two day project for me, but well worth the time to produce.

WEAR-ABILITY TEST:  Gave this top a whirl at work also this week and it did pass the test.  Completely comfortable and easy to wear.

TIPS OR TECHNIQUES USED:  Used Steam-a-Seam Lite to hem this top too.  Used a number 2 lead pencil to mark because chalk does not work for me on jersey fabric.  Same with the jersey ball point needle.

FABRIC:  2-7/8 yards of really nice gaberdine - source unknown.  Washes up nicely and wears great without stretching out of shape as the day progresses.  Wish I remembered where I got this from.

PATTERN RATING: What more can I say about this pattern.  I've tweaked and tweaked it again and again.  But the only change I added this time was more stabilization of the pocket area, which  I'll address in another post. 

WEAR-ABILITY TEST:  Haven't worn these yet, but they fit real good in the sewing room.  I'm almost sure they will work out fine.

TIPS OR TECHNIQUES USED:   When ever I have to hem something that I know will leave pic marks on the right side of the fabric, I've started using stitch witchery.  I'd rather use this than try to live with pic marks showing through.

 It was such a good sewing week, now own to the next project...


  1. Glad you got your sewing grove back. (I'm still waiting for mine.) Both tops are awesome!

  2. Excellent! I have to take a look at that Simplicity top; it has interesting lines.

  3. Accomplishing things is such a great thing! I'm happy to hear you are out of the slump. I might have to try the cowl top, adjusting it like you did.

  4. Lovely pieces and now your sewing mojo has been returned.

  5. I'm glad to see that you passed your challenge. Nice tops, glad that your sewing mojo has returned.

  6. That was a great mini wardrobe! Cowl neck tops are in this year, and are so flattering for everyone. I'm glad you've gotten a little inspiration back.

  7. I'm glad you told us about the low neck on the first top as I'm planning on make this soon. That is, if I every get the energy. I think I have sleeping sickness at the moment!

  8. Awesome Faye! Thanks for the heads up about the first top, that pattern was in my shopping cart! I love all of your garments!

  9. Great tops Faye! As always, you inspire.

  10. Anonymous9/10/2011

    Yay for returning mojo! I will have to use your mini capsule idea to build a wardrobe but not get so bored with all the matching.

  11. YEAH Faye, you made it!!! I really love what you've done too! Isn't it a great feeling to have your mojo back??!!

  12. It always feels so good to come out of a sewing slump. Both tops look fantastic. I adore the blue print. How fortunate to have enough to cut a new neckline!

  13. Yea, Faye, happy to hear you are out of your sewing slump. Thanks or the information on the revealing neck and your tops look great.

  14. Your scheme worked out well. Is the slump gone over now ?

    Once the sewing room is cleaned up, this should be my game plan as well. A 3-piece group is a great place to start - those 11-piece wardrobes are a killer, I never get more than 2 or 3 pieces done.

  15. Great pieces. That's one of the best things about blogging getting inspiration.

  16. I love when a plan is executed, I am so happy you got your new tops done, they look great!

  17. Your return has turned out great additions to your wardrobe. Yeah!

  18. Love those! Glad to know you are out of your slump! I'm not in a slump but no time! Even though I can't see it, I know there's light at the end of the tunnel! Love those tops! I'm encouraged by you!

  19. Welcome back from the slump! And thank you for your construction tips on these wonderful garments.

  20. Glad you're back in the swing of things!

  21. Lovely tops, and good pairing with your TNT pants.



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