September 14, 2011


For some reason I just had to get this top out of my system.  I stitched up a markup just to see how this thing would work out - we'll just call this a wearable muslin o.k.

PATTERN CHANGES:  Of course I had to change something about the pattern.  Just call me Ms. Pattern Morpher extraordinaire.   The one review I found of the pattern mentioned that the neckline had bra strap visibility, so I widened the neckline by 1 1/2", AND raised the neckline to boot.  After finishing it, I wish I hadn't raised the neckline as it made it look sort of boat neckish - but at least bra straps showing won't be a problem.  I also lengthened both sleeves about 1 1/2 inch (don't even ask me why I did that).

I added a bias self fabric neck binding rather than hemming the neck edge.

FABRIC:  I used a WalMart purchased (who knows what kind of)
knit to stitch a markup just to see how this THING would work out - we'll just call it a wearable muslin o.k.

PATTERN RATING:  Super easy, super quick - you definitely won't not need the pattern instructions for this one.  I cut it out and started stitching last night.  Could have finished but you know I'm a working girl, and a sister has to get some sleep (lol).  

WEAR-ABILITY TEST:  Just finished it this afternoon so I haven't worn it yet.  Because of the quality of the fabric I think this will be - a Saturday pair with really dark slim cut jeans tucked into some cowgirl boots - kind of top, especially with that low slung belt.

TIPS OR TECHNIQUES USED:  I used my jersey ball point needle again of course and didn't have any problem with missed or uneven stitching.  To tell the truth almost the entire thing could be done on a serger (don't know why I'm scared to pull that one off yet).  Used Steam-a-Seam Lite to turn up hems, then stitched down.  This time I took some pictures to show my version of turning up a knit sleeve hem using Steam-a-Seam.  And why in the world did I come home with 1/4" SAS rather than 1/2"???  Oh well, just had to make it work. 
My marvelous seam roll.  Over 20 years old and still tight as a drum.
Trusty SAS; got to make sure I buy 1/2" next time.
Apply adhesive strip on edge of sleeve, pressing with your fingers.
Press, steam and roll.
Continue applying adhesive all around until you meet where you started; pressing in place with your fingers.
Fold up hem allowance evenly all around.
Press and steam, then roll , press and steam, then roll all around to where you began.
Finished product
Stitch down narrow hem to secure

There you have it!
What have you fallen in love with lately?
For me it's this
I'm loving views A and B, it's called a Popover, and is very trendy right now.  I also like Shrugs C and D.  It's an old pattern, but paired with just the right fabrics it will do the trick for me... I'm contemplating this as my next project - gearing up for Fall even though the high today was 93 degrees. Autumn IS in the air (somewhere)!!!


  1. I'm glad you were able to work this top up for us Faye! I love the belt added with it... I am slowly working on fall items, and I seem to be into wide leg trousers now days...But can't wait to see what you come up with for fall!

  2. It's fun to this top made up! Your pop-over pattern looks fun too.

  3. Hah! I usually buy 1/4" SAS and came home with 1/2" because that's all Joann's had. I think I like it better though. More "meaty." Your mark-up looks nice. I like that term too, instead of muslin when it's not really a muslin.

  4. Ooh, I love the pop-over! What a great fall layering piece!

    Cute top - I'm sold on it.

  5. Thanks for working this top up. My plan is to cut it this weekend and glad to know it was quick & I love it with the belt.

  6. Nice job on that asymetrical top. And, I love that McCal popover pattern. Love. Make it. Send it to me please.

  7. It's good to see this top made up. It's one of those many patterns I gloss over in the catalogue, but when a real woman makes one it changes my opinion. I can see this as a perfect casual Saturday shopping top styled exactly as you describe. Now I live in a much cooler climate I can add tops like this to my wardrobe and know they will actually get warm. I have a black and white animal print that's screaming to be made up in this fabric! Thanks for the inspiration - guess what I'm doing on this sunny Saturday afternoon??

  8. Thanks for the review on this one. I brought it a few weeks ago and hope to make it soon. Easy, that what I thought too. Look forward to seeing you sporting your new top.

    BTW- I have M5182 too and the same view as you, especially view A.

  9. Great review Faye! I have not purchased this pattern...still on the fence with buying this pattern though. May think about it.

  10. I love shrugs, popovers, or, as they used to be called, boleros. You have some great pieces in that pattern which are just waiting to join your closet!



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