September 19, 2011


...Am I just old school - or is everyone who makes pants as serious about creases as I am???
I love a razor sharp crease, especially in a pair of pants that I make for myself.   Yet I can't figure out why it's easier to set the crease some of the time than it is others.  I would think that it might have some to do with the grain line that the pants were cut on, but I think I'm pretty good at getting my pattern pieces laid out straight.

Well, while busy making a new pair of my TNT pants I happened upon some instructions on how to set the crease of during construction.  Now, you may know about this already, but I didn't know that!  I've told you before that what I "don't know" could fill a small reservoir; but I thank God for an insatiable hunger for knowledge.  He just keeps on making it available to me.

After darts are sewn in and pressed fold each front pant leg, and each back pant leg individually; steam press from hem to crouch curve.

  I used my handy dandy pounder to set the crease while the fabric was still warm, and allowed each pant leg to sit still until it was cool.  I'll be using this technique for all my pants from now on.

A portrait of the pressing tools I use to get a professional finish.  My EXTRA large padded sleeve board, one of my hams, and a great pounder.

Here I'm using the sleeve board and ham to press open my side seam, and set the hip curve into the pants.

I called this picture "from sea to shiny sea" because I've use the board to press the entire inseam from one leg to the end of the other.  I find that amazing.
I'm in love with these pants and they aren't even finished yet - I this color somewhere and they called it Copenhagen.  Doesn't that sound like a marvelous fall color?  Today I rushed home from work to get to Copenhagen (lol).  They fit in so well with my three piece capsule (blogged about here).  I can see the 3 pieces expanding and expanding; I've also started work on my second 3 piece capsule of a different color palette.

Sewing for yourself is so wonderful, there is always room for another adventure...


  1. I love a sharp crease in my pants too. I agree Copenhagen sounds so fall like.... Looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Oh I so totally agree and guess that means I'm "old school" too! Love, love, love your your enthusiam for sewing too...rushing home to Copenhagen sounds like fun!

  3. I didn't know that either, but it makes perfect sense and much easier than pressing after.

  4. The only pants I have are jeans. I think maybe I need to correct that. (It's all those skirts I make. Who needs pants?) I can't wait to see these when they are done.

  5. I have been informed on many occassions by my 23 and 18 year olds that creases are definitely old school, however, I will bang out a sharp one in a minute. Love it!

  6. I have pressed the crease before sewing together, but I didn't know all the little tips for setting in the seam like you do. Thanks for sharing! When the pants are supposed to have a crease, of course I want it *sharp*!

  7. I remember my home ec teacher saying that you use vinegar and water in a spray bottle to permanently set a crease. I don't remember if it works on all types of fabrics though.

  8. I also like a good crease.

    Where did you get the over sized ham?? I have been looking for one but can't seem to find them.

  9. I like creases but lately have not been putting them in and find the pants look proper anyway. Have I been listening to your kids?

  10. Hi Faye...I crease some pants (using my can't-do-without clapper, like you do).

    Lately if I am making "softer" pants I leave them uncreased...or...I just press a little "short" crease
    at CF and CB that is only as deep as the hem. That way the pants "break" nicely over my shoes, while still having that loosely flowing look.

  11. I like a crease in my pants too. Thanks for the tip and I'll be using it on my next pants project.

  12. Those tips are wonderful, and you are going to end up with marvellous sharp creases I''m sure. Leaving them to cool is a great idea... and I just loved the way you "rushed home" to sew! Yes, and you are so right, there is aways room for another sewing adventure... :D

  13. See, I didn't even know there's such a thing as a pounder! I love that color, too; can't wait to see your new pants.

  14. I feel you of the creases. The pants don't look polished until the crease is there.



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