February 6, 2012


....I've seen link parties all over the web, particularly on craft blogs.  Since I've did nothing but fun crafting projects this weekend, I decided to show my wares in the link party at Sew Many Ways, a new to me blog I was introduced to last week.   

Remember, don't worry post?   This apron is the last of my Apron Affinity series for a while.  After all, everybody knows what a serious apparel sewist I am.
McCall's 5505 -  Denim Ruffle Apron
Making these aprons was actually a lot of fun!

Now on the apparel note, I've decided to revisit a sewing strategy that I incorporate for a while last year.   I'm not sure why I abandoned it since it worked so well.  I call the strategy NEW PROJECT SUNDAY, which simply means:
  • I prepare and cut out a new project on Sunday
  • Work on that project in available increments during the week
  • Try to complete the project by Saturday evening; and
  • Then start the cycle all over again...
 So it's back to garment sewing for me, but first I'll be working up a muslin of New Look 6361 for a friend's little girl.  I guess I find it necessary to do some non-selfish sewing from time to time...



  1. I've really been enjoying your aprons. I wear an apron in the kitchen all the timesince I do not want to get food all over those nice tops that I've made!

  2. I love the weekly timescale for a project. It encourages it to be done in increments each evening and the be almost magically done the next weekend. I will have to try this approach.

  3. I like your idea and I often do something similar. On Saturdays there are a whole heap of radio documentaries on one station that I love to listen to, so I regularly choose that time to cut out and prep several garments. I have some plastic boxes with lids that stack so it's easy for me to grab one and work on it for a short while. I try and cut things that need the same colour thread in the overlocker, if possible.

  4. I love your series of aprons. Thanks for posting the weekly project. It is perfect timing now that my sewing time is going to be limited.

  5. What a wonderful scheduling idea. I like having a deadline but also giving myself enough time to finish a project.

  6. Thanks, Faye, you just introduced me to a new blog. I like it. Your time line is perfect.

  7. All the Aprons are really cute! I think my favorite is still the "shoe" apron because I love, love shoes!!!

    ...by the way, thanks for your candid response on the designer fabric! I submitted a post today asking others what they thought too. I will post the garment sometime this week.

  8. I like all of your aprons. I never had an apron until GMarie made me one a couple of years back. (When I make spaghetti with red sauce, I conveniently forget to take off my apron so I don't splash sauce on my top. And no one accuses me of wearing a bib.)



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