August 30, 2012


...through the years I've had sewing spaces in almost every area of my apartments or house you could imagine. 
  • I've used the kitchen table and cut my fabric kneeling on the floor - of course I was younger then,
  • sewed in my daughter's bedroom when she was a very little girl,
  • once I used one side of the dining room as my studio,
  • even sewed in the living room on a coffee table while sitting on the couch,
  • my favorite sewing table for a very long time was my childhood desk.  It was made of metal and had sentimental value - finally got rid of it, but I still think about it from time to time.  Once I had it sitting in one side of a double closet in my bedroom - even had a light installed above it for a very nice setup though a little cramped.
  • used a 6 ft. table on a wall adjacent to my bed - had two machines set up on it at all times.
 Wish I'd taken pictures of all my sewing areas - but the memories are embedded in my mind, and a little bit in my heart.   Of all the places I've sewn I love my dedicated sewing room most of all.  Of course it's not big enough, and I'm forever thinking about making changes - but all in all its one of my favorite places to be in the whole wide world.

Why the sewing room sentiments???  Well, my room is about to be dismantled once again.  This time to guess what?... REMOVE THIS BOTHERSOME CARPET!!!  If you've ever sewn in a room with carpet you know the deal... thread, hidden pins, just a real mess.  The carpet should have been removed after the room was painted, but hindsight as they say is 20/20.  It's coming out now, and that's all that matters. I'm ELATED!  Refinishing the living room floor was such a success, and I'm hoping for the same for this room too.

Shouldn't take long, but that's never the case.  Regardless I'm not going to be put out of commission -  I've sewn every where.  So I'll relocate to the kitchen again - who needs to cook anyways???? 


  1. So true! You're going to love the room once the carpet's up. Harder to lose pins :-)

  2. I understand your sewing room sentiments totally! And you are going to love hard wood was a must when I got a new sewing room.

  3. I remember following your remodel. Hopefully this doesn't take you out of your sewing room for too long.

    When I had my apartment, I sewed in a room designated as my office. The room had light beige carpet and always looked dirty because of all of the loose threads. My sewing room is in my basement and the floors are vinyl tiles. Eaaasy cleaning!

  4. Faye, I understand the sewing room carpet dilemma. I need to do mine and keep putting it off. Juust wanted to notify you that I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award.

  5. I had carpet years ago. I now have wonderful ceramic tile floors, so much easier to clean. Good luck with your renovations!!

  6. Lucky you! Sounds like you really deserve a lovely sewing space after all those years of sharing and getting by in the kitchen etc. Hope you'll share some pics of the finished room! With it's beautiful new floor.

  7. I agree Faye, no carpet in the sewing room! You're going to love it! But I didn't see in your post that you said hardwood...or is that or assumption! (could be ceramic tiles too)

  8. Only way to go, Faye! We are putting hardwood in my re do sewing room as we speak and I can't wait. Carpet and pins are two words and items that should never go together. You will love your change.

  9. That's great! Getting rid of the carpet in my sewing room is a long term goal of mine. It's so much easier to keep neat and your bare feet will love not having pins stuck in them!

  10. Ah, it's Labor Day weekend. Any cooking can be grilling. Or take-out, like pizza. So, sew, and leave the cookign to happen elsewhere! Hope your floor looks spectacular.

  11. I completely share your sentiment on "forever thinking about making changes". I, too, and always looking at my dedicated SR and thinking about how I can make it better. I've been making changes and looking forward to posting pictures soon. I know you'll love your space once you make this change. Can't wait to see the refinished floor.



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