August 25, 2012

Un montón de pantalones...

....Pants fit so well into my work wardrobe - they just work for me.  As many pairs as I've made in the pass, I still find myself wanting needing more.  How many pairs of pants does one need??? What's a good number?  Since I do like variety in the way I dress, it behooves me to continue my quest for the ever elusive proper fit.

Of course you've seen me write about my famed TNT pants pattern.  I've worked with it a lot, but still, each and every time I use it - they still need lots of tweaking to fit and for me to be happy.

I've avoided jeans for a long time due to my fear inhibition to dealing with the back yoke part of them.  I need new jeans, and since I've had about 5 yards of stretch denim stashed for a couple of years decided "why not just make denim trousers?".  So that's exactly what I did.  I finished them last weekend but didn't have time to post.  Took them for a test drive yesterday, and although comfortable - they were just too big in the hip area.  Egad, I made Mom jeans.

An easy fix -  just removed 3/4" of ease from side seam in the hip area.  So this morning I hopped up and made the alteration.  Now I pleased.

I am still dealing with getting over the fear of making REAL JEANS.  I think REAL JEANS might be my next project, just need to decide which pattern to use.  I know I have several McCall's and one or two Vogue jean patterns on hand.  Mmmmm we'll see.

All in all I think I do pretty well with my pant's fitting - but it does involve quite a bit of work.  

I also finished another pair of pants from the same pattern last weekend.  They are from a light weight black pin stripped suiting fabric that I got from WalMart a few years ago.

 My sewing plans for fall will include dresses and skirts and tops and a few jackets; but I'm sure there will be even more pants too.

How about you; how many pairs of pants round out your wardrobe???.....


  1. Go for the jeans!! Your pants look wonderful. You're ready!

  2. We share a love for trousers, then. Very rarely I use skirts or dresses in winter,and I feel more comfortable wearing trousers on a daily basis. Yours look fabulous!
    Im curious:
    Why the spanish title?

  3. I heard the word pantalones used in a frequent television commercial recently and although I do not speak Spanish, I knew the meaning. Also recently a friend asked why I make so many pairs of pants. So this morning when I wanted to do a post about pants, the word came to mind, - I was thinking "Lots of Pants", so I googled the Spanish translation. I thought it had a nice ring to it so I used it for my title. I hope the translation was correct! Was it???

  4. Come on, Faye. Let's make some jeans. I will work on a pair too so that you can get rid of this fear!! If you can make pants, you can definitely make jeans. Jeans are just pants with a tighter fit and more seams. Let's talk!

  5. You did a good job tweaking the pants. I am constantly falling prey to Loft pants and have way too many.

  6. Oh I'm like you too, i love pants but don't have nearly enough to make me happy! Yours are fabulous! BTW... That yoke is not as bad as you think it is! No reason to fear it at all! Wink, wink!

  7. The spanish translation is better than good! it doesn´t mean "a lot of trousers" but "a heap of trousers" and it´s exactly the expresion anyone will use in a normal coversation. Hurray for google translator!

  8. I used to wear pants almost exclusively but these days I don't have many pairs at all. I have a well fitting pattern but I just never think to make them. That might be my mission for the coming season. As for jeans, you shouldn't be intimidated. They're pretty easy, you just need make sure you allow plenty of time. If you can set up a second machine for topstitching it saves loads of time, too.

  9. I started making trousers last year and by the end of the year I started making jeans, both stretch and woven jeans. I'm not saying it will take you that long, I just needed to know my measurements and adjustments and the sway back adjustment with a fuller back crotch are standard adjustments I just do. Since then I've made work trousers (black, navy and grey) 2 pairs stetch jeans, 2 pairs woven jeans and 3 pairs of bright skinny jeans. I think you'll have a ball once you get started.

  10. I'll come clean, the only pants I wear are jeans. You may have noticed, I am BIG on skirts. Love them. Pants, not so much.

    Go for the jeans!

  11. For me, it's not pants; it's skirts. I need one in every color for each style. Really, you can never have too many of your basic bottom, be it pants or skirt, because they look different with every top. Glad you tried the trousers in denim; real jeans can't be far behind (if you think you need them, that is)!

  12. Hooray on your pants. I am in the process of making some right now. Though I normally wear skirts and dresses, I had to give the pants a try.



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