August 1, 2012


...can you believe that today was the first day of school here in my county?  Two months of summer flew right on by so today buses rolled, and bells rang as we embarked upon a brand new school term.

Even though school has started, temperatures still exceed 100 degrees everyday, so I guess I'm still sewing for summer.  I don't feel I got nearly enough summer sewing done over the past couple of months, so I guess I won't officially begin Fall sewing until September 1st.  I just can't fathom pulling out wools, corduroy, or double knits right now anyways.

Since I hadn't gotten around to making my two traditional tunics of the summer, this weekend I worked on Butterick 5496.
It's a simple tunic pattern with several variations.  I made View B (round neck with front tie),
Open seam sleeve detail

  •  lengthened the sleeve about 3 inches, and
  •  incorporated some of the sleeve design of View D.
  •  fabric used:  chiffoney print from Hancock's although I saw the same fabric at Joann's

Sewing this fabric was no walk in the park.  It's slippery and  slidey if you get my drift.  At first I thought that simply serging  the hems, turning up and stitching would be a quick and sufficient finish; but alas this proved results that I just couldn't live with.  This fabric does not lend it's self to successful un-stitching.   I had to go back in add Steam-A-Seam over all my stitched hems, and turn up and stitch again to satisfy myself.

After finishing my top, I noticed that Erica Bunker had just posted a silk chiffon tunic on her blog where she mentioned using Sullivan's Fabric Stabalizer  when working with this type fabric.  I made a trip to Hancock's and found the product there.  Too late for this top, but I wanted to have it on hand for the next time I pull more of this type fabric from my stash.

Next up for me:  It's back to Pant Making 101.
What's on your sewing table?????


  1. I have some silk chiffon I am saving for a rainy day. (Or when I have enough patience to cut into it.) I love your tunic; it looks so cool!

  2. Very pretty fabric, it was worth the trouble to get such a pretty tunic. I have a pair of capris cut out and waiting, they're a muslin hopefully I can work out some of my fitting issues.

  3. I've never tried to sew chiffon, it sounds like a real bear! Your top is lovely though. Nice to wear to work on a hot day. I'm surprised that you are back to school already. My kids get out in mid July and return the first week of September.

  4. Very nice Faye...worth every struggle! I m currently working on a project using chiffon, actually the exact same fabric Erica just used with the tunic she created! Hope to finish it soon.

  5. Very pretty, Faye. On my table is squat right now as I work on redoing our debacle in the family room and basement. I have signed up for the "Couture Dress" class so there is that and I would also love to make one of those fitted dress forms Kenneth King recently wrote about. I don't like my duct tape dummy at all. It sort of collapsed into some other woman!

  6. Lovely top, chiffon scares the bejeezus out of me. You are a brave and talented woman.

  7. very nice! The fabric is very pretty though it sounds like it gave you quite the challenge.

    I can't believe school has already started where you are. Those poor kids must not be able to concentrate in the heat!

  8. I love sheer, silky type blouses. Not easy to cut or sew. Yours is lovely. I'm sewing blouses, which are fall-ish garments. I need to sew for fall because I just hate this hot, hot summer.

  9. Very pretty!

    LOL - I'm still working (slowly) on my leather jacket (no rush since we've really just hit the hazy hot dog days of summer here in NYC). And I'm working on pants. I'm using Kenneth King's Craftsy class - Jean-ius - to knock off my favorite RTW pants. It's worth checking out if you have RTW jeans or pants that you like.

  10. Lovely top. I'm going to be working on a "Chanel" jacket.

  11. Pretty blouse and know the struggles with working with sheer fabric.

  12. Pretty print! I hate working with slidy fabrics, but sometimes they're too pretty to resist.

    And I won't tell you when school starts here. It would just depress you. Have a great weekend.

  13. Love your new top and the fabric is to LIVE for! School has started already? Wow! We have a couple weeks left. I always feel like the summer ends in August anyway with all of the meetings, etc. that we attend during this month. Hope your school year is off to a GREAT start!

  14. I saw that same post of Erica's and wanted to give the stabilizer a try. I always shy away from sheers because of the tricky nature of sewing it. That is a really good basic tunic it still in print? I'll have to go do some research!

  15. Excellent post, I will be checking back regularly to look for updates.

  16. Very simple, yet lovely outfit! Love the accessories as well!



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