August 12, 2012


...I just cannot seem to get enough of them.  And to think that I use to think that  peplum styles were not for me.  I thought that it would make my hips seem massive - but to the contrary this style tends to make the waist appear smaller, giving the illusion of an hour glass figure.  JUST WHAT I NEEDED!  I worked up my second Vogue 8815 this weekend  in a black peachskin that I scored for a song at WalMart while on vacation in New York earlier this summer.  And although I've used this pattern twice, I have visions of at least one more in the very near future.  I'm hankering for an animal print peplum, and it must come in to reality.


Black does not photograph well at all, and this black peachskin certainly doesn't press up ideally either, but I still needed to add pictures to document my project.  I love this Vogue pattern, but I'm still attracted to the details of  New Look 6130.  I incorporated the asymmetrical detail from the New Look pattern in my last top, and this time I borrow the slit center neck opening and added back and front neck facings.  Why don't I just go ahead and make up the New Look pattern and get it over with?  I just might do that for my visionary peplum - we'll have to wait to see. 

I love the invisible zipper in this top.  I think I mentioned before that I use the Colette tutorial every time I do this type zipper.  In case you didn't know, she has now added a video of the application,  found hereIt's clear and concise - I love it because it's a big help to me.


It's NEW PROJECT SUNDAY so I'm off now to start my prep work.  Have a great week ya'll...,


  1. I have a large collection of 80s patterns that I need to trawl through for peplums. You've got me thinking about frankenpatterns this week ...

  2. Animal print peplum would be awesome! I'm so glad to see someone else embracing this style.

  3. Hi Faye....what hips? :-)! Love this top. I cannot seem to get enough of peachskin fabric. Love the weight of it. Classic!

  4. Beautiful Faye! I have this pattern too and have not made it looking forward to I now!

  5. I am dying to make up that Vogue pattern. It really does seem to be universally flattering!

  6. Your peplum tops are really cute. I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole peplum trend, but I'm coming around.

  7. You're so nice and slender that this style is bound to look terrific on you. Keep em' coming!

  8. This is a cute pattern. When you mentioned the animal print peplum, it reminded me of a two piece peplum top & skirt that I wore back in the late nineties in my corporate days. Too bad I don't have it now because it would be just perfect.



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