August 5, 2012


...I really only have few sewing rules that I try to abide by.  The most important of those being:
 That rule is designed to keep UFO's from flying around in my sewing room.  To date there's only one of those things flying around in here  - got to do something about that thing.  It was started way back in February, I'm ashamed to say.  The pattern Vogue 1250 - you know the most made dress in blog world or so it seems to me.  It just wasn't for me, maybe it was the fabric I chose,  I don't know.  I've tried to hide it, but every now and then it pops back up. 
Vogue 1250

I think it's the print - I can take it in small doses but not as a whole dress.  I could just cut it off for a top and just be done with it.  Then it'll become a thwarted UFO - how about that? 

Do you feel a sense of relief when a sewing project is finished???  I certainly do - or maybe it's a feeling of release - meaning I'm released from the Old, so on with the New.  Thereby a finished project is the signal of a new beginning.

This week I finally got a pair of light weight linen pants completed - been trying to get to them all summer.  Used my old TNT pattern again rather than a new one, but for pants it works great - it fits, and that's a really important issue.  They were made from a light weight linen blend, nothing really special, but they were made to go with the chiffon top that I finished last week.
Butterick 5496

I keep trying to get back to my "NEW PROJECT SUNDAY" regimen. If I can decide on a pattern and fabric, and prep and cut  on Sunday - then my 20 to 30 minutes of week day sewing can pay off in the form of a finished project at least by Saturday.   Yield:  52 garments per year.  I love simple math!

Looking forward to lots of brand new beginnings...


  1. The Vogue 1250 does look great as a top or what about a cardigan with the dress to break up the print. I like you simple math. I need to get back to garment sewing, lost a bit of steam there.

  2. Really lovely. Aren´t you glad you de-ufo yourself? Congratulations!

  3. Faye, that pattern would never work on me, just too wide in the hips, me, that is! It does look wonderful on many people though and I think you are included in that bunch. Great idea, though, to cut it off and make a top. Go Faye!

  4. I agree, this does look good as a top! Much better than as a dress. I do love finishing things too. For all the same reasons.

  5. I agree - that blue print looks better as a top.

    Whenever I finish a project, I take the time to catch up with my minimal ironing chores so i don't feel like I'm getting behind. I only have one standing UFO, and it's been put away for a reason - so I will get back to it later.

  6. Faye, I have to agree with you & everyone else here...it does look better as a top. Great save! I really like your new project sunday idea...great concept, I need to try it!

  7. The top as it is appears more wearable than the dress did - great save, and another project ticked off the list!

  8. I agree with everyone else, TOP! (And quite a nice one at that!)

  9. I like your Vogue 1250 both ways. That is a pattern I haven't tried yet. I think it looks fantastic on you. Your new floral blouse and linen pants look like a breezy beautiful outfit too. And I definitely like your idea of simple math!

  10. I really like this turned into a top and I can see how the print may have been too much as a dres. I like it with the skirt. I like hearing about how people work. My method is the exact opposite to yours. I trace patterns, cut out and prep during the week so that on weekends I can just sit down and sew. From time to time I do occasionally sew in 20 min spurts during the week but not that often.

  11. What a great idea to cut it off and make it a top! And it's a lovely top! Glad you were able to finish it up and move on.

  12. Actually, I think the dress would look so nice with a jacket or cardigan with it...or maybe a nice wide belt? It really is a good pattern. Make it work!

  13. I love the print but I like loud prints. I love the prep on Sunday finish by Saturday simple math.

  14. I thought the print looked great on you. What do I know?!! When I first scrolled through without reading, I thought that you had done two pieces and then I saw that you had cut the bottom off and made a top rather than a dress. My only suggestion, had you left it as dress would have been to shorten it a bit. You have great legs!

  15. Love the dress and the top! For me, your choice of fabric could be used for almost anything and I'd love it. I do not mind starting new projects. Sometimes I just need a change of sewing pace and a new project (at times) seems to give me that. I do have a limit and usually don't go beyond that. So many projects.....(including ideas).....so little time!

  16. I guess I'm in the minority but I like the dress! It's so very DVF with the big print and feminine cut... don't turn it into a shirt!

  17. So smart to turn the Vogue 1250 into a top! It's great that way, and it definitely makes the print more manageable (though i've never found an obnoxious print that doesn't work for me, heh).

  18. I haven't tried that pattern yet. I don't think it's for me. But, I liked the dress and now the top you've ended up with. Looks great!




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