November 1, 2014


...HAPPY NOVEMBER ALL!  I'm so glad it's here.  Well, October certainly wasn't as productive sewing wise as I'd hoped.  I did manage to get three items made so the month wasn't a total wash.  Since it's a new month thought I'd pop in with a BEEP, BEEP

blog tripping post.  Even though there wasn't much sewing last month, there was quite a bit of blog tripping going on.  Sewing related blogs, I'll tell you, there must be millions of them out there! I love finding new to me blogs, seeing their fabulous makes and gleaning on lots of fashion inspiration.  These two really caught my interest recently...

That Black Chic.Com

Her recent knock-off of a Ralph Lauren Blue Label Dellora Tweed Dress for her daughter totally mesmerized me.
I'm a sucker for tweed any day, and my love of that little touch of leather didn't help matters at all.  I immediately thought "I MUST HAVE ONE OF MY OWN".   Yes, I know I can't wear dresses this short - anymore.  Yes, I know that I've always classified jumpers as fashion for little girls and teens.    But a girl can change her mind - can't she? I actually started working on a muslin for this jumper last weekend.  And yes, she was right, this Simplicity pattern does run SMALL.  Against my better judgment I decided to follow the pattern's suggestion going up a size larger for my cup size based on my measurements.  WRONG CHOICE!, I should have stuck with my norm.  Doing so MESSED UP my muslin - DAWG!!!  Thank goodness it's only a muslin.  I'll be working up another one this weekend.

Have you seen the new jeans pattern developed by Closet Case Files.com?

I've only attempted jeans once and to say that the results weren't happy ones would be an understatement.  This pattern makes me want to try again, either view would be pleasing to me.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to produce a great fitting self-made pair???
Well that's it for this trip.  Time to fall back, need to go set my clocks now so that I won't forget.  Happy Fall ya'll...


  1. Well there you are Ms. Faye...wondering where you were and figured you were watching Project Runway, Threads, and Allstars. Did PR turn out how you wanted?

    Love jumpers as much as skirts you can mix and match which I love. Jumpers and turtlenecks, tights, and boots fall and winter staple for me. I found that I like the actual 60s and 70s patters for jumpers no fit issue for me. Can't wait to see your jeans.

    1. You are eggaztly right Diane I have been watching all of them. Yes, PR 13 turned out just as I thought it would a and I thoroughly enjoyed the season., Got my jumper muslin worked out and construction is on the way!

  2. You have made so many pairs of pants, you can definitely make jeans!!! I'll cheer you on from the sidelines!!

    1. I think I'm willing to try a muslin or two from that Ginger jeans pattern Kyle. We will see!

  3. I just found your blog through Tany's mention of it. I love it and your upbeat attitude! Great "Cardi to the Party". I'm going to be making those Ginger jeans with the sewalong this week and I'm kind of a stuck-in-the-mud barely intermediate for years. So this should be interesting! I just started a blog so I'm one of the newbies out there!

    1. I be checking you out on the Ginger sewalong. I think I'll be making them too, but maybe not in time for the sewalong. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hey there Ms. Faye! Sorry about the muslin mishap! I'm sure you'll get it right on the next try! You should definitely make those jeans...I my try them myself but not the sew along. I just completed my muslin for the Named Jamie Jean. They turned out ok, but I'll definitely need adjustments! Good luck with yours!

  5. Thanks Myra. Good to hear from you.




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