March 20, 2010


I've had mine for months or maybe even several years. I'm a great fan on Hancock's 50% off notion sale that comes around every now and them, and no doubt it during one of those times that I pick up one of these...

I thought it was such a good idea, but it just sat in the notion drawer all that time. Until....I agreed to hem not one pair but five pairs of jeans for a friend. He didn't want them cut off, just turned up exactly one inch. I needed help jumping those humps so I pulled out a heavier duty machine and my Jean-a-ma-jig.

I must admit that there are times when I'm nervous about attaching or using something like this contraption to my machines. Besides, how can something so small and cheap really actually work? Well, it did work! Just sew up close to the hump, leave the needle down in the fabric, lift the presser foot and insert the contraction underneath the back of the presser foot. Lower the foot and slowly sew over the hump. Once you reach the top of the hump, transfer the plastic piece to the front of the hump and continue to sew until clear of the hump. No skipped stitches, no broken needles. By the way I used a size 16 needle that specified use on heavy weight woven fabrics. It was such a help and made a dreaded job much easier.
So now you know...I'm a notion collector.

I took SMOKING NEEDLES suggestion and purchased a size 18 needle today for these type jobs (which I hope and pray there won't be many of). Every once and a while I have to help someone out because God knows I need help sometimes. I am, however, thinking about getting a t-shirt that reads "ATTENTION: I AM NOT A HEMMER - BUT WILL GLADLY TEACH YOU TO HEM YOUR OWN PANTS!"....

ADDITIONALLY, Julia nominated me for this new award:

The requirements for this accepting award are as follows:
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Thank you for the award Julia. I'm a little busy today so I only have time to nominate 6 bloggers. I LOVE finding interesting NEW sewing blogs. There are so many out there that I haven't even seen yet. Here are six new ones that really bring some SUNSHINE to my sewing life:

I'm putting the finishing touches on my first SUMMER DRESS. Can you believe that???


  1. Yes I love notions too :) and that jean a ma jig is a great one.

  2. Here's a shirt for you: http://www.zazzle.com/glad_that_i_could_help_shirt-235808312678389595 But I bought the mug that says "Learn to sew, duh!" (NAYY, just a satisfied customer).

  3. What a great little tool. I'll have to look for one! I'm looking forward to checking out the blogs you awarded.

  4. You're so right, I have that tool and it's really nifty. Have fun sewing your jeans and can't wait to see that summer dress:)

  5. Faye,
    Thank you for the sunshine award! I am delighted to accept it. I will add it to my next post along with a link back to your blog's home page.

    I am also a notion junkie! I have that little jean-a-ma-jig and find it very useful. You can also just fold up several layers of fabric to do the same thing, but the little doohickey is great because it has the slit and it hugs the needle and does a better job.

  6. I have one of those and thought it was well worth the bargain price. However, I didn't know about the step where you move it around to the front -- mine was such a bargain, it came without instructions. So thank you for including this very helpful tidbit. I find those mundane projects annoying also but afterwards folks are so grateful. So I'm happy to do it -- except the stash, remains in the stash! :)

  7. Thanks for introducing me to some great new blogs I didn't know about.

    I don't have a tool like that, but it sounds useful.

  8. I bought one 10-years ago when I though I had to had every notion and sewing gitmo in the worlddddd

  9. Thankyou so much for your very sweet comment, and for giving me this Sunshine award! I'm honoured and flattered that you have chosen me for this! I'm away from my usual internet connection (and on a very slow one right now!) , but I'll get onto it as soon as I get home!

  10. Congrats, a well deserved award. Sunshine is definitely wanted this time of year.

    I've never seen that jean tool, but it does sound useful, I think I've heard of people using homemade tools for the same job. Oh and I'm with you there, I HATE HEMMING. When I buy RTW I try to buy in the petite section so I don't have to hem. My hubbie is also shorter, so he can never find mens pants that fit him lengthwise, so I feel like I'm constantly doing hemming. YUGH!!

  11. Faye, thank you so much for the award - I'm touched! I'm fairly new to this blogging business so still in wonder at its ability to link people up around the world. Happy sewing!

  12. I don't have one of these but I could have used one this weekend as I have just hemmed two pairs of jeans for a colleague as well as making two new pairs. I'm going to see if I can find one today.

  13. Now I want a jean a ma jig because I am totally a notions gal. Actually, this weekend I was hoping to purchase the bias tape maker, but since I couldn't use my 50% of coupon it was a no-go.

  14. Oh I agree with you on doing hems for other people, just because it saves them money what does it do for us? I'm a notions lover too, but sadly do not use them as much as they should. I think my bias tape maker isn't even out of its packet, just easier to buy it!

  15. Whenever anyone asks me to sew for them I immediately offer to teach them to sew. Very few take me up on it, and I don't sew for anyone else.

  16. You are totally right - I have a (unopened) jean-a-ma-jig thingy that I have had no clue how to use, but know that I ought to be using. LOL.

  17. I might have to go out and get this. I read Smoking Needles suggestion for the 18 needle size, too. I am really gearing up for these jeans I want to make this month!

  18. I admire you just for hemming someone's elses pants. I go to the extreme of hiding my sewing skills or talents to some people so that they won't be asking me for favors. Hello, it costs 12 dollars to hem a pair of pants where I live. Why make it free when I barely have time to sew for myself? :P

  19. I don't have the Jean-a-ma-jig, but I did order the hump jumper. I ordered it yesterday. I can't wait till it comes.

    By the way, I nominated you for an award.

  20. The Jean-a-ma-jig? never seen it but it looks handy! I've been using a sewing needle case (probably about the same thickness) to push denim through my sewing machine when I'm sewing jeans. I bet that little doodad you have makes it loads easier!

  21. I've never seen one of these jeans contraption. I've got to get me one!

  22. Great tool. I wish we have variety of notions at my place. i'll be collector too :)




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