May 3, 2014


having a diagonally overlapping neckline or closing.
I don't know exactly why I'm attracted to this design, but I am; it just doesn't seem to work out for me fit wise.   But....... every now and then I give it a try again.   Aggggg! when I learn?, or am I just a glutton for punishment?

Last year it was this pattern.  Not in love with the top I made but I do wear it because I love the fabric.

This week I decided to try a different version of another pattern I used last spring
Last year I made 2 of view F.  This time I opted for view C.  About this pattern, first of all I DID NOT understand the part of the instructions on how to construct the ruched side of the top.  Just made up my own way to get the top finished.  I also forgot that the racer arm shape is really severe.  I did use Myra's directions to raise the neckline 1 1/2" to keep the front from being far too low cut.  That worked out fine, but I'm still not 100% satisfied with the surplice design.  Guess it's just not for me.  I will wear this top as well, because again I'm in love with the colors and print of the fabric. 
What's being stitched in your sewing room this weekend???


  1. That is a pretty fabric. Sorry it didn't workout as you planned.

  2. I am on the fence about surplice tops too. If they can make me look a little more "endowed" then good, but some of them only seem to emphasize my lack of curves.

  3. Aww. Hope you fall in love with it later. It's so pretty!

    I'm working on the Lady Skater for me teen and a top for me. About 80% done with both

  4. I love surplice tops and the fabric you used is pretty. Hoping that a few wears will make you love it.

  5. I love the fabric you used. Surplices never work for me either, but I really like them.

  6. I like surplice tops too and your fabric is gorgeous.

  7. I'm not sure if I just accidentally posted - I was saying this was pretty, and I hope you can wear it. I just don't even bother with surplice tops - I think you have to be quite curvy to stretch them out.

  8. You are not alone, Faye. I have never been able to comfortably wear this style, even if it looks like it fits. I always feel like it is deciding whether to go under or over one boob and it just doesn't feel right. I don't try it anymore and totally understand why you wouldn't either.

    The other style that is horrendous on me is a bias garment. They just don't work. Sometimes we have to move on, despite trends, and work with what works for us in more on trend fabrics.

  9. Pretty top and I know what you mean about surplice tops. I can't get them to work for me either. I once made a dress like that and wore it to a function and men kept staring at my chest. At my age ,I don't want that kind of attention so I gave the dress to my DD and never tried the surplice again.
    Faye, thank you so much for replying to my question about the vertical lines on my yoga pant. I tried a deeper curve to the front crotch and it solved the problem. I do want to pick up the Palmer /Pletch pant fitting book though.



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