May 31, 2011


I have never considered as a crafty person, but I would so LOVE to be.  I can't help wanting to be crafty when there is so much eye catching craft inspiration on the net.  I admit, pretty decor, pretty clothes and neat crafts are delicious eye candy to me, and every now and then the craft bug bites even me.

Whenever I go to Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann's I find myself picking up a couple of how-to craft pamphlets like these.

 Initially I think to myself "that's so doable".  Then before very long I've talked myself out of how easy it is, or suffered crafting paralysis that brings me to a standstill trying to choose the fabric and embellishment to perform the task.  It's like the thought of getting right down and doing the craft dies (how sad). 

I've been needing a off white or ecru lapel flower pin, but I keep forgetting to pick one up.   So I thought I'd give this project a try.
Image and directions compliments of JoAnn Fabrics
Just a few supplies were needed

  • 1 pc. Antique white felt square
  • 1 Rhinestone Button
  • 3/4 yard cream crochet trim - 1" wide
  • 1 1/2" pin back
  • Basic Sewing Supplies (like needle and matching thread)
 And the directions were super easy:

Cut a 2" diameter felt square.  Hand gather trim 1/8" from the edge of the crochet trim.
Pull up thread so length of trim is 18" long.  Begin stitching the gathered trim to the outside edge of the circle with the ruffle facing outward.  Continue working in a circular pattern, overlapping ruffles until you reach and cover the center of the felt circle.
Attaching crochet trim to outside edge of felt circle.

Sew Rhinestone button to the center of the ruffled flower.  Sew pin back to the middle of the back of the felt circle.  And viola, there you have it...

My finished lapel pin.
Not to bad for a non-crafty person.  Thank you JoAnn's; and thank God for other people's inspiration and craftiness...


  1. VERY cute! Great job :)

  2. Not bad at all~ I think you're just waking up what's already in there...:)
    It's funny, I was just in Hobby Lobby, here, today and I picked up one of those pamphlets for wedding gowns. Why? I don't know. I guess because I deal with brides all day long~ it's in my blood...hee-hee!

  3. Anonymous5/31/2011

    Yep, great idea and into the bargain it's probably right the material more dominant existing/to be found in your 'spare part' box anyway.
    For avid wool addicts might be another way to their already known ones.

    And yes, you're very right: what one can find under 'wwww' ... praise to the gods indeed.


  4. cute!! i see more of these in your future!!

  5. very pretty! you did a great job, non crafter :)

  6. Well done Faye, it's a very fetching brooch! I think I may need to make one too, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Wow, how did I miss this Faye! So pretty! You right too...thank God for other's inspirations! (you're one of mine!!)



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