May 30, 2011

LET'S GET IT STARTED (hummed to the tune by the Blackeyed Peas)...

Don't you think it's time to start prepping for our "Summer Dress Challenge".  On Sunday afternoon I pre-treated my fabric and altered my pattern according to Threads Fitting DVD on Torsos.   I performed a full tummy surgery adjustment down the center front pattern piece.  Since the dress buttons completely down the front I want to make sure I don't have to deal with any gaposis problems in that area.

Threads suggests a cut and spread method to deal with this adjustment.  So I cut the pattern and spread it 1 inch.  This adjustment worked beautifully on a previous jacket pattern so I trust it, and besides I'll be making up a muslin - so if the adjustment is too much I'll have time to make it a smaller spread on the actual dress.

 The only other adjustment was on the collar pattern piece.  I'm not sure if it was necessary for a dress, but to assure that the collar will lay correctly and to allow for proper turn of cloth, I traced a separate under collar pattern piece to be cut on the bias rather than on the fold like the upper collar piece.  I also cut the under collar pattern 1/8" smaller than the upper collar and also added a 5/8" seam allowance.
1/8" was removed from the edges where the pattern weights sit, and 5/8" seam allowance added to the edge where the pencils sit.     
 Now I'm ready to cut out the muslin.


  1. Great post Faye!You've have pre-treated your fabric and altered your pattern..I gotta get on the good foot lol...Can't wait to see your finished garment!

  2. Anonymous5/30/2011

    Ha. Your title cracked me up. Have fun with the dress!

  3. Looks exciting, Faye!!!!!!

  4. I love seeing the process! I need to start learning pattern adjustments. I think a lot of my issues would be solved if I learned how to do a fba. I think you will be done by the weekend!



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