March 23, 2013


I am so excited to HOST the annual top sew-a-long again!  But what makes me even more excited is the number of  bloggers who think this simple, no pressure idea is worth tagging along with.  Earlier in the week I posted "thank yous" on many of your individual blogs.  But as the week progressed I got more and more busy and didn't have time to finish.  So this morning I'm sending  A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who have joined this years edition of my Spring Top Sew-a-long.  I can almost GUARANTEE that you won't be sorry you joined up once those nice colorful spring tops have taken their rightful place in your closets!

I've tried to link to each participant's blog below and hope that I haven't missed anyone.  If I did miss you, or the link to your blog is broken, please let me know. BeckyMc and Lise  - it's so nice to have you join up too - just email me your finished top(s) pictures and I will upload in the Grand Finale next weekend.
(NOTE:  if anyone else is interested in joining, you can just let me know by commenting in this post and leaving your blog url).

Kayotic Sewing
Adelaide B -
Peggy -
Lucy -
Karen -
Lynne -
Barbara -
Jackie -
Patty -
Audrey -
Helen -
Claire S. -
Necie -
Lisa -
Melanie -
Alethia -
Mrs. Smith -
Chris -
Merche -

Linda -
Tanya -  Eating Pins
Far -
GMarie -
Towanda -
Debbie -
Shannon -
Sarah Liz -
Marguerite -
SewBlessedMaw -
LynneB -
Linda in Calif. -
Coco -
Diya -
Julie G -
Regina Gee -
Myra -
Judith -
Sara Perez
Andrea -
Nana -

Quite an impressive group of participants, wouldn't you agree!  I just love that blogging puts me in touch with people with like interests from ALL OVER MY COUNTRY AND THE WHOLE WORLD!  Makes me feel so international.

That being said, the forecast predicts a RAINY DAY for me here in GEORGIA, and since the weekend and spring have officially begun, LET'S GET THIS SEW-A-LONG STARTED...


  1. It will be nice to see all the creations nothing like other peoples projects to spur you on.

    1. I'm really excited about the sew-a-long. Do you want me to add you in.

  2. I have been looking forward to the sew along since it ended last year. Although I only made one top,it was a versatile top. After the sew along ended I continued to work out the fitting issues with the top and now I have a TNT pattern ready to go. I am looking forward to everyone's tops.

  3. Oh Faye, I'm sorry I almost missed the Top Sew Along! I don't know how much I will complete, but I want to join in on the fun! Here's my

  4. I have no idea why my last comment looks so weird!

  5. Pattern chosen, traced and started to cut out...and even before I sew one seam, I'm remembering exactly what I didn't like about cotton interlock the last time I used it :-( blech. Ah well all in the interest of TNT development !

    1. ...should specify 'this' particular cotton interlock - I've actually had some nice stuff but this was from a batch that is really loosey, goosey, stretchy ! LOL

  6. I am ready! I cannot wait to see what everyone else makes!

  7. What a great list of participants, and I look forward to seeing what everyone is making

  8. I have 2 weeks holidays up my sleeve (in 4 days time) - would love it if you could add me in as a late entrant - better late than never! My tops will be more along the Autumn/Winter style, but tops are tops...J

  9. Hey Linda, I know I'm late joining in and don't know what I'll get accomplished but I don't like missing your sew-a-longs so you can count me me.


  10. I think this will be fun...I have never joined a sew a-long but I definitely need a push to get me adding to my closet. thanks for the encouragement.

  11. Can you add me too? This is so timely for me as I've just purged a bunch of tops from my wardrobe, so of course I need to make some replacements asap!

    1. I'll sure add you in Gabrielle! I'll add you to the list when I update later this evening!

  12. I've just found this sewalong via Judith at Made by J. If it's not too late, I'd like to join in.

    1. Hey!!! It's not too late, glad to have you with us! I'll add your info to the list when I update later this evening.

  13. Yes me too, found this today, and I am returning to sewing after a break. I may be a little late but will be joining in.

  14. It's great that you are doing this sewalong again this year. If I'm not too late, please add my name. I need to sew a top or two!

    1. So glad to have you join Rose! I'll add you to the list when I update this post later this evening.

  15. Hello Faye,
    I'm in Warner Robins visiting family. I was hoping you could recommend some fabric stores in the area. I did see Sewing Creations on Watson Blvd. Are there others? Thanks for any suggestions you can make. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Stephanie I posted fabric store information on your blog as a comment. Hancocks on Watson here in town, and Hancocks and Joann's in Macon. Sewing Creations sells mostly quilting type cottons - they are mainly a sewing machine retailer. Both Walmart's in town have small fabric selections. Enjoy your stay.

  16. Hi - saw this on someone else's blog and decided to follow along. i do need some tops. I hope I can keep up and complete it on time! Can't wait to see what everyone does!

    1. Jenny I'm sure you can complete your top(s) in time. And even if you don't finish by next Sunday, I'll still showcase you! Glad to have you join!!!

    2. P.S. I'll add you to the lineup when I update this post later this evening.

  17. Well Linda, I have finally subcomed to one of your challenges. As you know, it is a challenge just to get committed to completing any of my projects lately, but I've decided that now is the time. Just focusing on making tops will help me become more focused and less scatter-minded. I will email the finished products (5 tops)because I have not completed my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Cecil - (Sewitfits)

    1. HURRAY! So glad to have you in. I'll add you later this evening when I do an up date on this post.

  18. Yaaay! The fun begins ! One of the perks is discovering so many new blogs.

  19. this challenge will give all my patterns that have a blouse with the outfit a headsup, and how exciting it will be to meet & make wonderful new friendships around the world!

  20. First one done. It's Vogue 8815, details on my blog.

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  22. I entering.


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