March 3, 2013

I just love "THE REPORT"...

...yesterday I took a minute out to relax and finally got around to reading Pantone's full Spring 2013 Report.  Don't you just love it!   If you haven read it yet you can link in here for a peek.  I have ventured out of my basic black/brown wardrobe shell by adding bits of color here and there, but for spring this year I want to make sure I have color POP, POP, POPPING up all over my closet.
Here's a picture of all the new colors with Emerald Green as the top pick:
 I like how these designers  answered the question:  WHY IS FASHION IMPORTANT???
Tracy Reese
Fashion is a reflection of one’s self. When you are
wearing something that makes you feel comfortable
and confident, you can take on the world!
NAHM by Alexandria Hilfiger and Nary Manivong
Fashion is an outward reflection of
yourself to the world — it empowers you.
Peter Som
Fashion matters because it’s a form of self-expression
that provides a moment in the day for one to dream.
A little time to dream is OK — the world has
enough challenges to keep us pretty busy.
I  want to have some real fun with this whole color thing this season.  Designers all had ideas on how to incorporate the spring colors into our wardrobes and suggested "must have items".  My favorites were:
Custo Barcelona Colorful and print tees (I'm thinking tanks)
Cynthia Steffe by Suwha Hong - Ladylike, embellished, ponte sheath in cool mint
Tommy Hilfiger - Red and Blue nautical print - an A-line silk dress the perfect spring wardrobe staple
Tracy Reese - The key word is "easy" - easy pieces that fall away from the body with a totally relaxed feeling to incorporate the mood of the season
Wes Gordon - a wild pair of novelty pants that can be dressed up or down

I'm planning on starting with colorful and print tanks to mix and match with existing pieces as well as those yet to come.  I'll be looking for "easy"  colorful fabrics to make easy pieces.... ANY SUGGESTIONS???
All of this talk about Spring and Color and I do declare, yesterday had to have been the coldest day of our winter season.  Shoot, maybe I need to make another coat....


  1. Thanks for posting about the pantone colors. I really enjoy when bloggers take the time to write about the upcoming season. It's like doing my homework for me. Uhmmm! as far as tees goes, it sound like a great opportunity for you think about kicking a month of tops. No pressure here I am just saying (LOL)

    1. You are welcome Alethia! I'm really excited about Spring and it's new colors. I have been thinking about the "Annual Month of Tops" challenge, and you are right, this would be a great kickoff. I'll start work on it right away!

  2. I haven´t read about it yet, but thanks for posting this. I think emerald green is a great colour for any season!

    1. I agree Merche I want to add at one emerald green item to my closet this season too.

  3. I've decided to make a particularly vivid spring coat. Not one of the suggested colors, but something from my stash. I love bright colors. (Everybody wears muted colors here in Seattle. Blah.)

    1. Thanks for brightening up Seattle. I'll bet some of them will follow your colorful suite too.

  4. Hi Faye, yes the spring colours are gorgeous. Now the world is global though, are these really only spring colours? I live in Australia and will be incorporating some of these colours in my winter wardrobe, and using the 2013/2014 shows to start my winter wardrobe. The internet certainly has changed the fashion world - now designers have garments in their winter ranges that are really spring/summer ones, and vice versa, because the consumer could come from any climate zone.

    1. You are so right about the world being so global now. I do think that designers are taking all climates into consideration when doing their collections. It is a wonderful thing.

  5. Hi Faye, actually a spring coat wouldn't see such a bad idea.Burberry did all there Spring 2013 coats in bright metallic colors, not to say you should do that, lol, but pop of color coats is clearly on trend. Apart from that I would say, a TNT knit dress, a pattern you know that fits well in one of those beautiful colors would be my next suggestion.

  6. So glad you had your camera returned, how frustrating for you!! And if that luscious punk/purple coat in the last post is anything to go by, you are already rocking some gorgeous colours in your closet. Your whole outfit is gorgeous!!



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