November 29, 2016

#BLOGLIKECRAZY 2016 DAY 29: Where Are They Now...

...blogging presents a wonderful opportunity to connect with people who enjoy the same genre of diying as I do - APPAREL SEWING.  Last year I was privileged to connect with Venita Davis of SewVeStyle through The Amazing Sew-Alongs FaceBook Group when she agreed to help me out by doing a blog interview (you can read it here).  We've kept up with each other virtually all-year-long.  I just couldn't think about concluding my BlogLikeCrazy "Where Are They Now" segment this year without including her in it.  Venita you made it complete!

Venita has had a wonderful sewing year!  I can attest to that because updates via her blog SewVeStyle come straight to my email.  I also follow her on FaceBook, Bloglovin, Pinterest and Instagram.  It's a wonderful technological world we live in - where, with just the click of a button, I can instantly be transported into her Sunny California sewing world and her into mine...

Have you learned or are you using any new sewing techniques this year?  If so, what?

    * I have learned to stop following trends and sew what looks best on me.
    * I sewed Chiffon for the first time.  I've been fearful of Chiffon and Silk but now I understand that it's all about preparation and respecting the fabric.
    * I've found my inner sewing voice.  I've discovered my personal style and it's all about classy sophisticated chic.  
    * I have a work and a personal style aesthetic and I embrace them both.  I'm all about business at work and fun when I'm not.  We have casual Friday's and people are amazed at what I wear and even more so that I made it.
    * I'm not afraid of so called advanced or complicated patterns.  It's all about reading and researching before running for the scissors.
    * I've also developed a new found appreciated for pattern designers.  It takes a great deal of skill to design a pattern and write instructions in a way that allows folks like me to follow and produce quality garments.

What are your MUST HAVE items to make for the Fall/Winter season?
     *  I live in California so I don't really have to sew for the seasons - I just sew whatever I want to wear.  
     *  I'm planning to make the Clare Coat this season - I'm still on the hunt for the right hot pink fabric.
     *  Also on the list is McCall's M7100 the cute bomber jacket.  I have plans to do a mash up with this one.  I'm a bit old for a bomber jacket but I'm already visualizing a way to class it up.

What sewing pattern(s) are you most excited about right now?

     * Too many to list but here are a few.
     * I'm working on a holiday dress is red using Vogue 1254.  I'm almost finished and can't wait to wear it.  It will be the first red dress that I've ever had.
     * Vogue 8945 with the bell sleeves which is on trend right now
     * Butterick 5685 view A - updated peacoat
     * Butterick 6298 view D - strictly for lounging
     * Badgley Mischka Vogue 1513 - oh that flutter accent on the top is to die for
CLICK Here For More Inspiration:
Instagram: @ sew-ve-style
Pinterest:  Sew Ve Style By Venita Elaine
FaceBook:  Sew Ve Style


  1. I follow Venita on Instagram and love her style. Need to follow her blog too! Thanks Faye for a great interview!

    1. Carolyn I love the way Venita truly embraces HER own style. I'm sure you will enjoy following her blog as well.

  2. Thank you Faye for reaching out and for being my sewing buddy. Venita

    1. Venita the pleasure was all mine. Thank you!!!

  3. I'm happy to meet Venita, and very EXCITED to check out her blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You'll love Ve and her wonderful blog Anita. We've been following each other for an entire year now she has quite a unique style! She's one of my California Sew Sisters!



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