November 11, 2016

BLOGLIKECRAZY 2016 DAY 11: Veteran's Day - Ode to my Dad...

...i'd like to commend and thank ALL our armed forces members present and past on Veteran's Day.  After all, it's much, much more than just a day off for me (although I'm thankful for it, as me and my lovely students need an extra day apart to reflect and refresh so we can appreciate each other more).  We'll come together again on Monday expressing how much we missed each other (hahaha), and then carry on with the tasks at hand the week before Thanksgiving break.

I woke up this morning thinking about Veteran's Day, and Memorial Day, and my Father - a Veteran of the Koren War who passed away early last May.  I miss talking to my Dad!  I remember him asking time after time, after time, "is that all you ever do with your spare time - SEW?" (as if he thought there was a problem with it).  My response to him was, "What would you rather have me do?, sit on the couch and watch television and eat bonbons and grow fatter?.  And he'd laugh and laugh and laugh.  Then he'd say, "Guess you have it honest because both your Grandmothers loved to sew".  After having the same conversation soooo many times I finally told him, "Look,  let's not talk about my sewing anymore - let's change the subject".

I wish that I could talk with James "Rattlesnake" Coley this morning, and hear him say "Good morning my First Born".  I'd even talk about SEWING with him if I could!


  1. What a wonderful post Ms. Faye! It's a great tribute to your dad! It made me think of my mom I lost three years ago. I never spoke about it because it was too painful. But we all move on and just keep them in our memories and close in our hearts!

  2. So sorry about your loss too Myra. Yes, we have to move on but still hold them dear in our hearts!

  3. Replies
    1. Ahhhh thank you Cathryn. There's so much more I'd like to say but it would have been tmi. I just miss my Dad! Thanks for looking in and reading.

  4. I love this post; I feel the depth of your love for your father coming through your words. Happy Veteran's Day, Faye!

  5. Just been feeling some sort of way today Marjie. Thanks for reading!

  6. It's so neat, I can see aspects of your face in his face.
    (I feel like I am looking more and more like my father. Sometimes when I take my sewing photos I look at myself and think, OMG I look like my dad in a dress!)

  7. Kyle I have ALWAYS looked like my Dad and acted like my Mother (cool and patient personality). People use to say that I looked like my Dad's younger twin, hahaha. Brenda, my sister next to me, looks like my Mother and acted like my Dad (hot and firey personality). Now I look in the mirror and I see my Mother. Nice look, but shocking to see the change take place.



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