November 26, 2016

BLOGLIKECRAZY 2016 DAY 26: I Like The Way She Sews...

...Network/Telecom Contractor by day; Master Tailor/Seamstress by night - it's always such a joy when my smart phone whistles (Periscope) and I click on and hear Carol Crocker-Ware's contagious laugh.  Known to many as @anncie200l, Carol can often be found generously sharing expert tailoring and sewing tips.  On one occasion  she completely deconstructed a man's jacket to show ALL who watched its tailored elements and explained the function of each one.  Then there was the time that she did a tutorial on how to remove serger stitches (just because I asked for help).  If you tune in to watch, she'll have you laughing all the way through the learning process.

I have to give Carol credit for keeping me on my toes when it comes to good sewing tips such as:
  • when you think your pinking shears are dead as a door knob, put a little oil on them to lube, wipe clean and they will cut like new
  • clean your sewing machine and serger on a REGULAR basis
  • how to taper a pants leg that is a bit too wide
  • install an elastic waist treatment in about 10 different ways
  • and on and on and on

I should warn you though; Carol's always got jokes!  You sent me a picture of your infamous fabric stash closet just to taunt me - DIDN'T YOU CAROL??? 
ALERT:  BEWARE OF CAROL.  Guard your own fabric stash with all diligence when ever you come in contact with her.  She'll have you sending your precious yardage to her house - I call her the "FABRIC WHISPERER".

You can find the "FABRIC WHISPERER" oh, I meant to say Carol at:
Sew Excited http://www.g-cas.net/
Facebook:  Carol Crocker-Ware
Instagram, Twitter and Periscope: @anncie2001



  1. Gotta go check out Carol.. Sounds like lots of good tips.. Thanks for sharing.
    What a wonderful fabric stash.. Happy sewing.

    1. Carol is a wonderful tailor and sewist Judy. You should look her up on Periscope as @anncie2001 - where you can see her past videos.

  2. OMG! This is such a funny post and so befitting of Ms. Carol!! She's the sister you wish you had! If I ever get to Illnios (which is very close to my home state), I'll be calling on this beautiful lady (begging) for fabric donations!!

    1. She is wonderful Myra. We all need to "hit her up" for some fabric out of that closet!!!

  3. She sounds like fun--ok,I just followed her on IG!

    1. Kyle she is hilarious! You should also look her up on Periscope as @anncie2001 - where you can see her past videos. They are all wonderful!

  4. She is Fabulous! If I do say so myself! LOL!!!

    1. YOU CAN SAY IT WITH PRIDE CAROL! The truth is just the truth!

  5. I just love Carol. She is the only person I get periscope notifications from but I'm NEVER available to watch at the time. I've gone back and watched a few but I really need to watch some others. I don't know the workings of periscope well yet, so it takes a while for me to find people and their videos. Now you've motivated me to keep trying. Thanks!

    1. Won't Carol have you laughing Anita? We both are part of a Facebook group called the Pericrafters. It's a closed group but you can request to be let in. Pericrafters put in #pericrafters in their Periscope titles that send out invitations to the whole group if they are hooked up with Periscope. I sometimes miss Pericrafter scopes too, but just have to catch the replays. Although I'm not much of a scoper myself (think I've only done about 4 scopes in all cause I'm a bit shy - can you believe that?), I still enjoy watching all the others from the group when they scope. Two of the bloggers from the group also have a live weekly sewing talk show called "That Sewing Blab" that I tune in to every Tuesday at 7:30pm.It showcases different people from the group as well as some of the "greats" from the sewing community.
      You are welcomed to join and if you like I will mention you to one of the moderators - just let me know!!!




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