November 8, 2016

BLOGLIKECRAZY 2016 Day 8: I Am Sooooo Spoiled...

...whenever I need to work on a heavy project (denim, layers of wool, etc.) I pull out my Singer 5803C manufactured circa 1960, in Brazil.  At least that's what Mr. Doyle Baggett (sewing machine repairman extraordinaire) told me.  I purchased the machine for $35 when Hancock Fabrics was selling refurbished machines one time.  Wish I had bought at least one more, but where in the world do I think I would put all of these machines??? All it needed was a needle screw, which Mr. Baggett dug around in his machine accessories and found for me.  "This is a really good heavy duty portable that will give you years of service if you keep it oiled", said Mr. Baggett.  And indeed it has!
Believe me this baby gets the job done.  Having had to pull her out this weekend to finish a client's bulky project let me know just how spoiled I am opposed to regularly using this machine. I bought this Baby Lock Sofia 2 as an introductory embroidery machine - because I THOUGHT I wanted to do embroidery HA!  I have since found  out that I don't - well maybe one day.  But, it is a nifty, dependable sewing machine. with features that have SPOILED ME ROTTEN.
 These are just a few of the features I missed while sewing on the Singer 5830C this weekend:
  • Automatic needle up in stop position
  • Needle down button
  • Low bobbin indicator
  • Automatic needle threader that works, because some don't
  • On screen stitch selection
  • Thread cutter
 What features on your sewing machine have spoiled you rotten???


  1. Oh Ms. Faye, I have a heavy duty singer very similar to yours and will never give it up! I purchased my new many, many years ago! I agree with you though, I've been very spoiled by my new machines and with aging eyes, the needle threader is a must!

    1. I really just started to use the needle threader Myra - crazy I know but I just couldn't get it to work for me. I've got it down pat now though!

  2. I can relate to the dilemma of finding space for multiple machines... almost like we're collectors, right?

  3. I thought I would like embroidery more than I do as well

    1. Serenity I guess I'm one tracked, I can't get past sewing to get to embroidery.

  4. Will I join the club, I still have "Old Faithful" hanging around in my garage. I can't seem to part with the machine I mostly grew up sewing on. It is a all metal, Kenmore machine. They don't make then like that anymore. Although I don't use it (I use an industrial mostly), it will always remain my first love. As for the features on my machine that spoil me... From my Elna Heirloom, I love the needle up/down button, and automatic buttonholer. My needle threader doesn't always behave.

    1. Old faithfuls are always the best. I know, what's up with some needle threaders?

  5. I have 2 Old Faithfuls, plus a Janome I bought about 5 years ago. I love the needle up thing, and the automatic thread cutoff, and the needle threader (because I don't want to admit that these middle aged eyeballs don't see the needle's eye so well), but I hate the fact that it doesn't have a free arm, which makes stitching in sleeves so difficult! I also have 2 sergers, so I can keep one threaded in black and one in white, and not have to change the cones all the time.

    1. We are all well endowed in the sewing machine category. I'm a two serger black/white person too Marjie.




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