November 18, 2016

BLOGLIKECRAZY 2016 DAY 18: #Faye'sSewingLife...

...sometimes in Faye's Sewing Life getting down to the actual sewing process
 becomes quite difficult.  Unless of course unless you take into consideration:
  • Time spent thinking about sewing
  • Time spent perusing pattern after pattern
  • Time spent pulling piles of fabric from the stash trying to decide just which piece to use; then having to put the fabric back up again
Vogue 1261 won out this week after hibernating in the pattern stash since 2013.
I chose View B, an easy enough top to make. 
  •  I alleviated the center back seam because what's the point of having it on this particular design.
  • I toyed with using the exposed/top-stitched armhole seaming as the pattern suggested but decided not to due to the textured knit chosen for the project.  I stitched the sleeve in flat and then top-stitched the seam.
  • I hemmed the sleeves but zigzagged the bottom hem as a finish.  Normally I would have serged the bottom hem then turned up to stitch.  But in this case I had only one spool of mustard cone thread, and I felt that turning up to stitch would have caused the hem to be a bit bumpy due to this textured knit.
  • I folded the collar and stitched to the neckline, then top-stitched the seam down

MY REVIEW OF THE FINISHED PRODUCT:  I really should have listened to the advice of Pattern Review contributors who had this to say about the pattern:
  • View B runs smaller than Views A or C
  • Sleeves of View B are smaller than those of Views A and C
  • The sleeves are tight and need enlarging
I guess you could say, what's the use of reading the reviews if you aren't going to take heed of them. 
Besides that, the sleeves even looked tight the pattern envelope.   I think it's a great top give the fact that I should have cut a size larger and enlarged the sleeves.

Nice top, but future makers beware...


  1. I like the fabric you used for this top! I have had this pattern forever and yet to make it.

    1. Thank you Linda, the fabric was gifted.

  2. Thanks for the review, Faye. I think I'll just manipulate my fave knit top pattern to look like this one. I would've bought it - it's very much my style. Nothing against pattern companies but...

    1. Manipulating your favorite knit top pattern would be so doable Samina. Please let me see it when you get it made.

  3. Can you do anything to enlarge the sleeves? The fabric is so pretty!

    1. The sleeve seam was stitched, serged and top-stitched down Samina and I'm afraid it would do damage to the body of the top.

  4. Lovely top Ms. Faye! Can you still wear it despite the size issues? I sure hope so, because it's nice and I would hate to see it become a wadder!

    1. The sleeves would have a vice grip on my arms. I'm going to gift it to a skinny armed friend Myra.

    2. LMBO!!!! Honey if you couldreally see these "flap-a-gonias" you wouldn't think that! But I will definitely take the top just the same young lady!!!!

  5. Looks like a good cold weather top in your fabric. I hope Skinny Armed Myra enjoys it!

  6. The fabric is just right for cold weather. I will be making another to include enlarging the sleeves.



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