November 15, 2016

BLOGLIKECRAZY 2016 DAY 15: Where Are They Now...

...warm and fuzzy feelings come over me when I think about the sewists/seamstresses who assisted me with my BlogLikeCrazy efforts in November 2015.  For them to take time out of their busy lives to answer questions for my blog posts is to be commended.  One of the people who helped me last year and agreed to assist again this year is LaTanya Fretty from California.  Her blog post last year was called California Dreaming (and I do apologize for accidentally deleting a lot of my 2015 pictures (insert sad face).  I think I can get them back, just got to figure out how to do it).  In the meantime, here's LaTanya...
 LaTanya brings us up-to-date on her sewing process by answering the following questions:

Have you learned or are you using any new sewing techniques this year?
LaTANYA: My new sewing technique is combining another fabric that is compatible with the main fabric to give it body and structure.  This method is called underlining (not to be confused with lining).  It is basically taking two fabrics and making them into one (a fashion fabric and a support fabric).  Why would we want to do this?  For example a very thin suiting fabric that shows every little stitch can be underlined with silk organza with the stitches being anchored into the underlining and not on the main fabric.  This process will yield a completely blind hem and a more couture finish to the garment.

This year I've also learned to grade my commercial patterns to larger sizes as well.

What are your MUST HAVE items to make for the Fall/Winter season?
LaTANYA:  My must have items are Lana Bollito wool, and anti pill fleece.

What Sewing pattern(s) are you most excited about right now? 
 LaTANYA:  I am very excited about a Vintage 1950's  Simplicity patterns 8250 and 1059.

She's always learning and thus advancing her sewing skills.  LaTanya can be found on Facebook as Tee Lovestosew



  1. Another great post Ms. Faye! Love the tip on using underlining...something I've done before but not using organza.

  2. LaTanya is quite the couture sewist. I've never used the organza either Myra but it's a great tip.

  3. Love to see sewists learn couture techniques. I once underlined silk duppioni pants with silk organza. Worked like a charm.
    Look forward to your daily posts, Faye!

    1. First - thank you so much for looking in here Samina! Secondly, after you underlined the duppioni pants with the organza did you line them as well???

  4. Love these sewing tips. Never thought about using organza. Sew much to learn!

    1. So true there is SEW MUCH TO LEARN, Robin. That is why I love keeping up with all you sewists. It's an ever learning process! Big thanks to LaTanya for that tip!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Carol! LaTanya is a great seamstress.

  6. Nice post. I just used some anti-pill fleece to make a sleep sack with sleeves for my baby granddaughter. After I find out if the sleeves fit right, I have the fleece for another. It's so soft! I could enjoy it for myself!

  7. I haven't tried the anti-pill fleece yet but now it's on my radar.

  8. Great post! Happy to add a new blog to my reader too!

    1. KS I love sharing other great bloggers like LaTanya.




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