November 3, 2016

BLOGLIKECRAZY 2016 DAY 3: #Faye's Work Life...

...can you find Waldo, I mean Faye?
Once or twice a year we take group pictures at work.  Today we all dressed up in our new school shirts and smiled for the camera.  I promise you that I was smiling. Why is it that I always get hidden in the pictures?

As many of you know, I am employed by Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) as a Cosmetology Instructor.  CGTC, is Georgia's the second largest Technical College (based on the area we serve).   The College operates and maintains approximately one million square feet of existing facilities across its eleven-county service area.  CGTC also has the State's largest Move On When Ready (MOWR) enrollment.  Really, it is a great place to work that has afforded me many opportunities for growth.

In 2014, I was named Georgia's Dual Enrollment (now MOWR) Instructor of the Year; a great honor!  The following year our Computer Repair Instructor received the same award. It was a wonderful expression of the College and Career Academy we are associated with.

Through employment with the College I am based at my county's only Career Academy.  Houston County Career Academy, "Houston County's Best Kept Secret" was recently named the Lieutenant Governor's 2015 Career Academy of the year. 

My program, (one of six College programs at the Career Academy - soon to be more), has sixty-six (10th-12th grade) students; all girls this year but occasionally there are a few boys as well.  Students who remain in the program a full two years earn 21 college credits, and complete 7 Cosmetology courses.  The program is a wonderful jump start on a career in Cosmetology.

So that's a little peek into my work life (you already know I sew by night).  It's hard not to let bits and pieces of it show up on my blog from time to time.  After all it's where I get to wear all my makes...


  1. ...and you get to wear your successes too! I remember when you got your reward and I KNOW was so deserving of you! Thanks so much for always sharing a little of yourself with us, it's so very much appreciated!

    1. Thank you so much Myra! You are a great cheerleader.

  2. You are an asset to your community and to the sewing community. Thank you so much for sharing. now I know a little bit more about you! kudos for you 😄

    1. Thank you Alice and thank you for looking in!

  3. I love that you're helping kids who otherwise might go wrong. And I'm absolutely certain that your kids love you! (I'll bet they hide you in the back of the group shots so your radiant smile doesn't outshine everyone else's!) Happy Thursday, Faye!

    1. Thank you Marjie. You are tooooo sweet!

  4. What a rewarding career you have, Faye - touching all of those young people's lives and helping them find their career path. Thank you for all you do!!

  5. It was neat to learn more about your work life, Faye! Congrats on your award!!

  6. Thanks Faye...the school is bigger than I thought. How long have you worked there? What made you get into cosmetology? Okay, these can be answered on a future blog. I love your sense of humor too!!! :-)...I work at a college too, but it's a Community College and one part of my job is helping students obtain their GED....I get the joy in helping young ones reach their full potential!!

    1. I actually work for two schools Patrice. The Career Academy and Central Georgia Technical College. I have been working in the high school sector for 9 years, however I worked as an adjunct with the College 6 years prior to that. I actually got into cosmetology as a way to make extra money on a part time basis. I needed $35.00 weekly to make my budget from my then full time job work (I was employed for my city municipality for 11 years. My part time job eventually turned into a full time career in cosmetology which lead to me becoming a teacher (which was actually a long time dream of mine). This is the short version of my story. Hope this wasn't too much information!




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