November 27, 2009


Almost all of my November posts have been about tops. Hope that they haven't bored anyone, but when ever I set a goal, I try my best to see it through. Mind you, I don't always succeed but as my Granny always said, "NOTHING BEATS A GOOD TRY!" I actually never revealed my goal for the number of tops I wanted to complete during this sew-a-long - well the goal is 12, and I think I will make it. THERE ARE THREE MORE DAYS LEFT in November. Here's a picture of #10, and #'s 11 and 12 are cut, marked and awaiting their turn. I also did a modification on Top #4 because I felt it was just a little too plain. I added my renditiion of a flower like ruffle at the center front.

#10 is made from a nice smooth knit from Ebbjy Fabrics. I used Simplicity 3634, view B for another cowl neck tee. The top is very simple, but what really excites me about it is the plaid pencil skirt that I plan on making to go with it. It's a nice wool flannel that I also got from Ebony.

I'm going to try to start MOT #11 tonight...


  1. Yummy, I love the plaid and soft camel combination. You go girl! You're doing a beautiful job and you're going to have a lovely collection of tops when you're done.

  2. That plaid is very nice. I bet it will make a gorgeous skirt. Can't wait to see it. And congratulations for (almost) completing your challenge!

  3. Wow!! no. 11!! You are one productive girl. And, of course, I love the flower on no. 10.

  4. Wow, you really are on a roll with tops. Not boring at all, love to see them, great results.

  5. I love this adventure you've taken us on. I'm lovin' every top! Brown is my favorite color to wear. I've had so much fun watching everyone make their tops I'm going to borrow your idea and do the same thing with my students in March. I need new tops and knew I wouldn't have time this month to do your sew-a-long. So now all you need is a video camera to give us a runway show of each top :) Faye's Runway...
    I can't wait to see #11 and #12. Are you going to push yourself for #13 - stay up all night? I can see that rolling around in your head. LOL Enjoy your sewing moments!

  6. Personally I think its amazing that you are going to have 12 new tops by the end of the month! That's 12 new outfits to wear!!! Wowza! I wish I could send you a gold star for your effort. It has been awesome to witness!

  7. Hehehehehehe, you're smokin'! Nothing better than a person who commits and works at it. Fabulous results too. Inspirational as always

  8. You did it and it looks great!!! The ruffle, that is! 12 new tops is amazing. I really need to sew for myself again.

  9. You are so very productive...good for you :) I love this one too and the plaid is beautiful.

  10. Love the ruffle you added to top #4!

  11. Bored? Are you kidding this is like what the best ride at Disneyland was for me when I was a kid. Loving it, and so much inspiration. I think I might try the cowl neck.

  12. This is not boring at all. =) I love your MOT and have been very inspired to try this. I think this is a great way to learn how to sew a garment. In mathematics, music, and sports, practice is everything! What will December bring? Month of Pants (please, please...) Month of skirts? I can't wait!




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