November 1, 2009


Last year I made a knit top on October 30th, and although I hadn't planned on it, I didn't stop making tops until November 31st. I needed to add a lot of tops to my fall/winter wardrobe, and I think I made a total of 15 of them, all knit.

Well those tops did get me through last fall/winter. But after careful consideration I did have evaluate continued wearability. Some of them had to be eliminated because of fabric choice - a turtleneck for instance definitely needs to be made from a two-way stretch fabric. Several others have been eliminated because of shags, stains, unsuitable color choice, or because the way the fabric felt against my skin. (I cannot wear stuff with metallic threads running through it.)

Anyway, my friend Ebony was amazed at the number of tops I produced last fall, and has been suggesting that I make the "TOP MONTH" an annual event. I've been telling her "I don't know about that", but she was adamant, and I do find myself needing a number of tops for the season...so why not? I don't know how many tops will evolve this month, but I do have some REALLY GORGEOUS KNITS that are calling out to me "SEW ME UP... NO ME, SEW ME FIRST".

I recently finished the Chanel Jacket (and by the way I am ubber proud of that), but the goal was to make a complete Chanel suit. So before I hit up the bin of knits for tops, I must finish this Chanel suit. I read that Coco Chanel suits quite often included a stylish blouse made up from the lining fabric. I've had visions of this, and think that it would be so classy to do the same thing. So I got more of the shocking pink charmeuse that I used for the jacket lining (wish I knew how to spell charmeuse rather than having to look it up every time I use it) to make the tie neck blouse of my vision. I so love this blouse, but was afraid to try it in charmeuse since the pattern suggests georgette like fabrics. So I opted for this one (view C), which I also love, and that the pattern actually suggests charmeuse. First, I made this prototype from a WalMart find to get the feel and fit of this pattern. I love this pattern and fooled around with it a little earlier this year, and with just one minor adjustment it will be fine.

Ebony we'll see how the month of tops goes...



  1. Oooh I really like the style of that blouse - I love the bow at the neckline. Your prototype looks amazing!

  2. That's a lovely style of blouse. I too love the bow. Can't wait to see it with the suit!

  3. I love the blouse. It would look cute with just jeans too!! I would have totally passed this blouse by--thanks for pointing it out!!

  4. That top is gorgeous! I think TOP MONTH is a great idea! Just think of all the new things you'll have to wear!!!

  5. Beautiful blouse! Keep up the great sewing. You're my inspiration!

  6. I love this style of blouse and I agree with Cindy, it would be great with jeans as well as a suit. The fabric is lovely. I had a wardrobe clean out on Saturday and threw out all of my summer blouses (except the one I am wearing today which will be thrown out tonight as it is too tight), so if you're having a November top sewalong, I need to join in! I think I need a week off work to sew!

  7. That top is gorgeous. What pattern did you use? Did you get your package yet?

  8. OOOOOOOh - I am so excited. The month of tops begins and what a way to start. I love this top. I agree- you could wear it with jeans or even a pair of black Audrey Hepburn pants or pencil skirts with a slim black belt. i am such a groupie. I will be checking in for the next one. whast a tease. - ebbyj

  9. I love this blouse/top. Nice fabric as well. Looking forward to seeing more tops.

  10. I love this top! The neck is gorgeous. I love the idea of a month of tops. Good luck and happy sewing!

  11. That blouse in pink charmeuse would be perfect for your Chanel suit.

    The few long sleeve blouses I made have since become short sleeve versions and could use some more knit long-sleeves.... so count me in.

    Off to check my pattern stash.

  12. I just adore that fabric.

    I need new tops, as well. I wish I could join the top sew-along, but I have sewing to do for an upcoming trip. Let's do one in the spring, as well!

  13. I love your prototype! The fabric is very cute and matches the style of the top. Good luck with all your tops this month~!

  14. Fabulous! I have got to get around to making this top.

  15. Top Month is a great idea - I look forward to seeing what you make. Love the top with the tie at the neck - it will look fab in pink!

  16. I made one this weekend, does that count?

  17. Love the blouse and fabric. Your month of tops is a great idea. Won't join this time round, but April sounds as a good alternative.




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