November 14, 2009

MOT #5

I finished this top last night after my trip got a little extended because I didn't think it was safe to continue driving after dark. This was made by morphing my TNT New Look 6735 with the cowl collar from McCall's 5699. I kinda wanted a turtleneck from this fabric, but opted for the cowl collar instead to give the top a little punch. I wanted something really comfortable and loose fitting so I cut the top a little wider. I purchased this fabric from Ebbyj Fabrics. I fell in love with it because it was such a light weight knit. The color doesn't show up that well in the picture for some reason, but the tulip print is a really dark chocolate on a sort of taupe background. I think it is such a cute and fun print. I will probably go ahead and make the McCall's 5699 in it's entirety also. Trying to make a decision on what pattern for what fabric is sometimes trying and definitely time consuming.
Thought I'd sew a little tonight, but I guess I'm too tired to start....
TO ANSWER NORA'S QUESTION: Concerning sewing the neck band flat: there is actually no bulk created in the shoulder area. I hand stitched the band to the seam so that it would stay flat. Also after stitching the remaining shoulder seam press the band away from the top, and the band seam toward the top. I then machine stitched the seam with topstitching. Hope this helps.


  1. You're on a roll. Glad you had a safe trip back and using good wisdom in not driving back @ night.

  2. I love your top,the cowl neck really makes it so nice...the fabric color is nice as well.Lovely

  3. Love the neck, really cute! Your sewing tempo makes me a little bit jealous ;-)

  4. Beautiful top! I love that style - it's great for fall/winter and that tulip print is lovely.

  5. That is a terific print!

  6. It IS getting dark way too early. And we're not at the shortest day of the year yet..just wait.

    Ms. Faye's going to be stylin' in "Mot #5". I love everything about this top.

    Enjoy your sewing moments!
    She's in a sewing grove..can't wait to see the next one :)

  7. Cute fabric! So far, the pink one you made to wear with your Chanel jacket is my favorite. The combination just looks so fantastic!

  8. I just made a top out a very similar knit. I don't like the pattern I used, makes me look fatter than I already am. It's hanging in the closet waiting for me to figure out how to remake it. I love the fabric and the color so I have to use it.

    You are one ambitious lady!

  9. Faye - you are sooooo on a roll! 5 tops already and all of them so pretty! This is another great one!

  10. I would *love* to join your next MOT! This looks so much fun. I can't wait for the next installment.


  11. Loving all the tops..you are certainly in sewing mode..keep it up!!

  12. Another great top! That fabric really is a fun print. I think I like it even better after you explained the colors. You are smart to stop driving when you get tired. My husband and I just keep on trucking. He drove the whole 15 hours home this time. He usually wants me to drive a few hours.

  13. beautiful top! i love the print.




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