November 4, 2015


...I subscribe to Threads Magazine and come to think of it, it's about time to renew my subscription.  My friend Cecil and I check with each other to see of we've each received the new issue; and when we do, we converse about the magazine from cover to cover.  We love sewing talk in general - as well as we love dissecting each and every issue.  She usually gets her's first - I guess because her last name begins with "B".  If for some reason the magazine doesn't come at it's appointed time, honey - we will call those Thread's people - oh yes we will!

Recently I've been re-reading some of my back issues of Threads; enjoying little tidbits of sewing advise, tips and techniques that I've forgotten to use.  My issues have their fair share of PostIt tabs attached - I say for future reference.  Holding on to past issues of Threads has actually created quite a valuable resource library.

Last week I pulled the very first issue that I purchased off the shelf.

December/January 2007
I don't think I'll ever forget the day I discovered Threads shortly after I started sewing again in 2006.  What?, a dedicated sewing magazine?  I couldn't believe my eyes.  This was just what I needed!  A magazine that would surly catapult my sewing skills to the next level.   So I've been reading Threads for 8 years now, some issues are hot, and some not so much.  Howbeit,  my one (1) favorite thing in each issue is the "Closures" article - it's sometimes funny, and sometimes gives a look at people's serious sewing memories.  Now, my Mother says "unintelligent people read books from back to front", but guess what I do as soon as I get the magazine in my hands - I flip to the back to read the "Closures" article - oh yes I do.

I also like the vintage style focus called "Up Close" that adorns the magazine's back cover.   Of course there are many other great things about Threads and I often think that it would be so much fun to work at the publication.

Do you subscribe or read Threads???


  1. It's an incredible resource. They have inspired me to make hats, work with fur, finesse my tailoring and so much more. They have really contributed to the skills I have today. Read and reread those issues. They are a wonderful sewing education.

  2. I love Threads Magazine, I get so excited when I get my new issue. I also have my favorite issues tagged and read them often! Great post!

  3. This is one of my favorite issues that I keep next to my sewing machine because it explains how to sew a fly zipper!!! It is the best!!!

  4. I love getting my threads magazine! I laughed about you reading the Closures article first.... I do the same thing!!! I guess it makes me feel a kinship with other sewers out there. Happy blogging!!

  5. I love Threads, too! A couple of years ago, I completed my collection (thanks, eBay!), and I often pull out a random magazine to browse through. I can get lost in an issue of Threads!

  6. Love Threads! I even got the DVD with all the magazines on it through 2014. I still get the paper copies too though. And I agree about Closures. This last one I got almost brought me to tears, the lady with the mother who sewed for a living, and then when retired sewed for Alzheimer's patients....... Just, wow. What a story!

  7. Threads is a staple in my sewing library. I get the paper copies (nothing like turning the pages). I also purchased the DVD which has all of the issues. I was running out of shelf space with the magazines.

  8. I have all of Threads except a few in the 160's; range, will buy as soon as one of their periodic back issues sales and my pocketbook agree. I find that the magazines and books I have on DVD just don't appeal as much. I too completed my collection (at the time, about 2005) with ebay. Happy to re-read them.

  9. I love Threads magazine. Similar to you, I was so surprised to discover a sewing magazine several years ago. I had certainly devoured my share of quilting magazines but One about garment sewing was so exciting. I learn so much in each issue. I agree it's a terrific resource.

  10. Threads subscription is an XMas present from my MIL when she gets hers every year since 2009. Bought the used Archive DVD for the years 2011 and prior. Love the paper mag though and now found out there's an index available for the recent years so that's handy too.

  11. Wow, Faye. It is interesting that you did not know about the magazine. I guess early on I was just hungry for any kind of learning source. I have been subscribing for about 15 years now. When they came out with the CD, I did not hesitate to order it.




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