November 19, 2015


...I lived in Southern California for a number of years  -  and except for the Santa Anna wind season and a few earthquakes that I experienced during my stay - it really was like a dream. I lived in Oxnard which is situated between Point Mugu Naval Air Station and Port Hueneme Construction Battalion Navel Base.  That was a long ago part of my life, but I still have dear friends from that experience who live in different areas of California and Oregon, and we still keep in touch after all these years.

I connected with LaTanya Fretty from San Francisco, California during the October Coat Sew-along.  LaTanya once lived in Atlanta.  Such a small world we dwell in.  It just goes to show you that when we reach out to meld with new people, we often find that we have more in common than we think.

What things excite and inspire you in your sewing and the designs that you create?
LaTanya: I get inspired by old Hollywood classic designs, I love looking at Bette Davis, Joan Crawford. Woman today don't dress the way they use to, it's too much emphasis on showing all of our assets. I love the First Lady look, i.e., Jackie Onassis and Michelle Obama.  Being half naked is not sexy nor is it fashion.

What are your favorite fabric sources?
LaTanya: I frequently shop the Los Angeles Fabric District.

Are there any sewing techniques that you have not mastered yet, but plan to work on?
LaTanya: I'm working on my tailoring skills and pattern drafting.  This is the inspiration picture of my current work in progress.

You made such a gorgeous coat recently, was this your first coat?, if not how many coats have you made?; did you learn any new techniques in your coat making process? 
LaTanya: This indeed was my first attempt sewing a coat, I just followed directions and took my time, for me not rushing and taking my time working a little everyday works for me. In the construction of the coat I really learned a lot about lining garments.

What are your favorite items to sew?
 LaTanya: My favorite garment construction technique is color blocking.

What garment or project has presented the biggest challenge to you?  Secondly, What garment to date would you call your masterpiece?
LaTanya:  I made a copy of a $2,000.00 designer dress in hot pink.
$2,000 Inspiration Dress

My first self drafted garment
 Have you had formal training or are you self taught?

LaTanya: When I was child my mother use to sew a lot, she made all my dresses.  I was always fascinated with her sewing. When I retired and became a full time housewife and baptized Christian I couldn't find fashionable modest clothing so this is what sparked my passion to see again. 

What types of patterns always grab your attention?, and what are your favorite patterns?
LaTanya: They would be patterns that contain multitude of garments. 

What sewing tip would you like to share?
LaTanya:  Always, always take time to familiarize yourself with the pattern.  Do not rush and make samples if not sure of your skill.

If you'd like to see more of LaTanya's work and designs you can catch her on Facebook page; and in just a little while on her soon coming blog that will be entitled "Sewing Topics"...


  1. Beautiful woman.. AMAZING coat!

  2. This was a great interview today! The coat she made is absolutely stunning! And I really like her dresses as well!

  3. Great interview! Wish we could take a class together!

  4. Great interview! Wish we could take a class together!

  5. Great interview! And, I so agree with the fact that women today do not dress like the women of old, with such femininity. Women during the above mentioned time frame were feminine and sexy without showing all the goods. I'm a fan of the Hollywood classic styles as while.



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