November 9, 2015

6 REASONS TO BLOG LIKE CRAZY... last Monday's post I eluded to several reasons that prompted me to take the #BloglikeCrazy Challenge:
  1. I saw it as a PUSH to step out of my comfort zone;
  2. I need to try new things;
  3. I like to see what others are doing in the world;
  4. It presented an opportunity to learn new things; and
  5. I joined out of curiosity to see what good things might come out of it.
The 6th reason:
 to help me meet my annual personal blogging goal:   100 posts per year

At the beginning of 2011, after having blogged 3 years,  I decided if my blog was to become effective ("worth it's salt") I needed to write at least 100 blog posts per year.  I have only discussed this goal  with 2 of my blog friends.  Reason being - I did not want anyone to think that I judged them if they didn't have 100 blog posts every year.  This was My PERSONAL GOAL.  Setting this goal was my way of making sure I remained consistent in blogging.  From what I've learned, consistency is the key to almost anything - right?.

To achieve this I break my annual goal down to a monthly goal and make sure I keep track of the number of posts I've done.  My Mantra:  Inch by inch anythings a cinch; and you can eat an elephant - one bite at a time.  There are times that life gets in the way and I fall short of my monthly goal, but make up for it in the following month.  It's been an interesting ride.  Taking the #bloglikecrazy challenge this month will help me easily reach my annual goal this year.

Do you have any personal blogging goals???


  1. Great reasons. I also would like to blog more, sharing other crafty & non sewing aspects of my world.

    1. Sheila we are all so multifaceted and I think we should share it. We never know who's out there who needs the information.

  2. Very cool Faye!

    I mostly try really hard to just be thorough in my posts. I ramble :) But I want to be sure I include every detail I can think of!

    1. I like your posts very much! I'm just myself, its so easy.

  3. Indeed I do! I have no problem blogging - I just hate the time it takes to take and edit pics. So I take my photos in batches. I save up several outfits - plan for a day of photo shoots then download the pics into my folder. Next I decide what will run on which day...I plan carefully so I don't run out of outfits then I upload the pics and the story telling begins. This process can take up to an hour before I can hit the publish key. If only I could afford an would be grand.

    1. You are such an organized person! Hope some of it rubs off on me and I hope you get your aassistant too/1

    2. What a great idea, Venita! Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Last month I made the decision to stop blogging because it took too much time. I must admit that I am very slow and taking photos ans uploading and editing them is really too much for me.
    It would just be a lot easier with a better camera and newer computer. nevertheless I need to keep in touch with my sewing sisters and I keep in touch through FB and keep reading my blogroll with Bloglovin. I wish you good luke anf hope you achieve your goal.



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