September 27, 2009


Well, today I finished my first garment since July. Seems like it took me forever to complete it. I showed my muslin of the jacket in my last post. I'm glad that I worked the muslin up because by doing so it let me know exactly what changes had to be made to the pattern. I did the complete jacket in the muslin excluding interfacing, hems and buttonsholes. Then I made sure that I marked the changes that needed to be made on the pattern since I don't think I'll be using the muslin as a pattern. This process made it seem as though I had made two jackets - which in actuality- I guess I did.

The faux pockets on this jacket are compliments of Sheila who pointed me to a Craft Stylish tutorial. Sheila that tutorial really fit the bill! It was easy to understand and follow because it actually repeats the instructions - I guess to make sure you get it. I had made pocket flaps before but never with this much success. I think they look much better than the patch pockets the pattern called for.

This was not a hurry up project - I took it nice and slow. Have you ever worked on a garment until you were almost sick of it? Well, that's what almost happened with this project. But determination won out, and I was able to finish it. The jackets fits very nicely after all, and I am quite pleased with my results. The matching pants to this jacket were made way back in June as this was supposed to be a summer suit. But school got in my way and I had to put all things sewing on the back burner. I didn't want to wait until next summer to finish this suit because I was afraid that if I did, it would become a UFO. With the nice weather we are still having here I should be able to get a couple of wearings out of it before I retire it for the fall/winter seasons.

Originally I had planned on making this same jacket in Navy blue to go with the other pair of pants made back in June. I got tired of the gray jacket, so now I'm not sure if I will or not. I'll make a decision on that tomorrow. I really need to get started on my Channel jacket soon.
Lastly, I did manage to get an "A" in both of my classes - PRAISE GOD! My last and final class starts on Tuesday, but should leave me with plenty of sewing time - I hope! I'll be completely finished with school on December 16th....

September 15, 2009


I know that I've said that here before - but it is really true. This is not my dream sewing room, but it is as close as I can get it right now. So although it is not perfect, I am still in love with it. I FINISHED my English class tonight (don't know my final grade yet, but will keep you appraised). I rushed right home to the sewing room after class BECAUSE I've got something on the drawing board....

A little while ago I had mentioned that I was going to be making a jacket to match two pair of slacks (one navy the other gray) I made several months ago. It's this McCall's pattern:

"McCalls 4878: Unlined jacket has standing collar, side panels, and patch pockets. Jacket has back vent"
(not sure if I want patch pockets. I'm trying to think of what other type would look better)

I needed to make something uncomplicated to get me back in the swing of things before I start my Channel jacket. Last night I started making up the muslin that I cut out about a month ago.

(front view)
(back view)
I went ahead and put the collar on although I really didn't need to at the muslin stage. But since I have not made this pattern before I did it to see if I would have any problems with it before I start the actual jacket. I needed to tweak the fit just a little after getting it sewn up, but the fit is fine now. I think I will go ahead and put both sleeves in while I'm at it to make sure they fit well.

I'm back to sewing and I have so many plans for Fall. It amazes me that although Fall and Winter are not my favorite seasons, I really love Fall clothes. I'm excited, and I'm off to build a working wardrobe for the Fall/Winter season....

September 12, 2009


For all practical purposes I finished my two class today. I've worked on a speech outline and speech observation paper since 8a.m. this morning. Both are all finished and will be tweaked in Monday night class. I'll give my final speech on Wednesday, and that class will officially be over. I submitted the final two English papers Wednesday night at 11:47p.m. Received my research paper grade of 90% this afternoon - that's the paper I worked on through the holiday weekend. Wheeew!...glad that's over. I'm waiting on one more grade from and need to attend one final English class (Tuesday) and then that one will be over too!

I'm celebrating ahead of time and have declared my independence "CALLING A SEW-A-LONG" with my friends for Sunday afternoon. I'll use the balance of today to:
  • turn my study room back into my sewing studio
  • cleaning the rest of the house
  • cutting out the muslin for my Chanel jacket
  • cutting out at least one more item to work on tomorrow
  • and planning a meal for my friends
It feels sooo darned good too!
I am so behind on sewing related things. First I'd like to do a review of a brand new book I have:
its David Page Coffin's new book Making Trousers for Men & Women.
You can click here to preview the book.

I was real excited when I found out about this book. Those who read my blog know that I am constantly looking for that perfect TNT pants pattern. There is nothing like a great pair of slacks. So easy to wear, so effortless to pull together a work look that professional and polished.
I have my moments, but for the most part I think I am a pretty good sewist. But, I am smart enough to know that I don't know it I am also constantly looking for new information to HELP MYSELF OUT! I already think this is a great book. First of all, David Page Coffin, the man we know is so well versed in tailored shirt making is just as masterful with his new trouser teaching aid.

The book has the most wonderfully illustrative details. And in addition, IT COMES WITH ITS OWN DVD. I know the Dvd will be oh so helpful. I can't tell you how many times I've rewound it already - as in hey, let me see that part again. Ebony's husband Keith was kind hook up my DVD setup in my sewing studio several weeks ago. Now I don't need to run from room to room trying to sew and watch the instructional DVD. Thanks Keith!

One of the things from the book that I'm very eagar to try is Coffin's Front Fly application. I usually shy away from them and opt for the Mock Front Fly application instead. In doing so I always feel like I'm cheating. So this will be the first thing I attack with the new book.

September 10, 2009

NOT M.I.A....

...but rather MLA. I only have two more short papers to write, one speech to give, and three classes to attend. Next Wednesday at 7p.m. will mark the official end of this grueling 11 week quarter for me! It's been hard out here for a grandma. I have read, written, and used more commas than one could imagine. I still tend to over commatize (as I call it) they couldn't break me of that (lol). I've pulled some all nighters, and certainly some all weekenders, and as a result, hopefully I'll be able to come out of this quarter with to high "B's" or better.

I haven't sewn A STITCH since the first week of July. That did it for my summer sewing dreams - of course I didn't finish half of what I had planned. I think that next year, Lord willing, I'll have to start my summer sewing early, because I never seem to finish it. Just imagine how many things I could have gotten sewn up in 11 weeks. It has been torture! I have had to put EVERYTHING aside. I just didn't have enough brain cells to wrap around anything other than these two classes.

I did keep track of my favorite sewing blogs and commented here and there so you would remember me and know that I was alive. It was my way of relaxing and dreaming while I watched all of your sewing projects. I even cut out a jacket muslin - but that's about as far as I got with the jacket.

I joined the Go "Chanel or Go Home" challenge even thought I knew in all reality that I would not be able to start until after September 15th. I have my fabric and pattern, and need to cut a muslin for my Go Chanel jacket. I bought a couple of resource books, and read up on jacket construction just a little. I still need to get my lining, buttons and trim. I would so love to have some of those double "C" Chanel buttons - wouldn't that be nice. Well, got to get back to work...

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