May 31, 2013



I should have made a doggone muslin - yes a muslin of this simple looking top.    So what's the problem with the pattern? 
  • Well, on me the armhole is  2 1/4" too low - causing major underarm bra exposure
  • I decreased the center front neckline and center back 1".  Needed to decrease 1 1/2" to 2" instead.
  • Increased back strap seam allowance to 1 3/8" to remove excess slackness
Don't know if it would be worth it to give this pattern another try after making the needed adjustments.   After running into these problems the top is not that cute to me anymore.  I think I'll cut my loss and just move on...

May 29, 2013


... and anyone else who wants to know how this style top looks on someone other than a 21 year old.

The day after Memorial Day but I was still in the patriotic zone

Stiff hemline even after a good press due to textured knit fabric choice
I love with this pattern, so don't let my stiff hemline turn you off from the pattern style.  I'm looking forward making it again with another type of knit.   I should have used a  fabric with more drape, but there weren't many choices to pick from in solid colors.  Other than the stiff hemline - the fit is fine through the shoulders and bust area, and I like the way the sleeves fit too.  It's comfortable so I will make it again...

May 27, 2013


...I try to make a couple of easy, breezy, chiffoney like tunics every summer.  Don't ask me why, especially since chiffoney fabrics are the dickens to work with.  Slippery, slide-y,  and so ravelly to boot.  I guess I like the idea of wearing something almost transparent in an effort to catch a little breeze during our hot summer months.  In the process of planning  I messed around and came down with a case of dreaded pattern paralysis.

PATTERN PARALYSIS:  state of non-sewing activity that lasts far too long causing major indecisiveness.
PRIMARY SYMPTOM: one knows what she wants to make, but cannot make up her mind which pattern to use. 
MAJOR CAUSE:  Condition is brought on mainly due to having an over-sized pattern inventory that presents far too many choices.
PROGNOSIS:  Complete cure is possible if pattern inventory is severely downsized; however, not probable .
Anyway, after laboring to choose a pattern for days, with the help of fellow blogger Rachelle, I finally settled on Burda7793

I like the tunic, nothing much to say about it, but the colors do fall in with my Summer Breezes Collection plans.  Used french seams throughout because it does finish seams of sheer fabric neater than just serging.  I don't use french seams often; always have to look up directions when I do.  Guess that's why they seem a little backwards and awkward to me, but I do so like the results.  Need to use them more often.
Moving on, I also made up a pattern that I'd been craving for months - the Megan Neilson's Briar tee shirt/sweater pattern.  Yep, I finally broke down and got it.  There is just something about the cut and design of this particular tee shirt style that attracted me.  I uses a nubby textured black knit found at Hancock Fabrics that I'd walked away from several times before.  Even though I'm concentrating on adding color, I still needed a new black top in the closet.


Side View

I think I needed a little something different - and it is that.  I added the tiny patch pocket variation, I'm still a little undecided on that.  But now that it's sewn on, might as well leave it.  I'll need to make this pattern up at least 3 or 4 times to justify the purchase in my mind.

To finish up my long weekend of sewing, I'll at least cut out the top to this new Vogue pattern.  I think it's so cute; it has a slight nautical appeal to me for some reason.  

VOGUE 1357

To finish up my post I leave you with a parting shot of my new black pants that are not hanging on the back of a door.

Unlike the cobalt pair that I featured in my last post, these fit well but are a tad to large in the waist.  I'm sure I can make an easy alteration to the back seam to remedy this since I used a center back waistband seam.

That's all she wrote for this post.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and got some sewing in if that was your heart's desire...

May 20, 2013


...I know, it's about time - right?  I started working on pants for my Summer Breezes Wardrobe collection back on April 21st.  It was a long road people, but I do want to send out a big THANK YOU out to all   who stood on the sideline advising and cheering me on.  (I have the tendency of making a big deal out of everything - don't I?, - it's just my nature folks.)    I've had the idea for the Summer Breezes collection for several years - even named it, but just could never come up with the just the right fabrics in colors and prints that I loved at one time to make it come into being.  This is the same reason I've always found it hard to pull together any other hand crafted capsule or collection. 
But for this summer I decided to just go for it using fabrics that I had on hand and adding others along the way until I felt the collection was complete.  My vision of a summer wardrobe is one that is light,   airy and filled with water colors - ones that you think of for a mini beachy vacation or rendezvous.  Georgia is so HOT  people, and that makes little Summer Breezes a welcome treat when ever they do come along!  You get the picture I'm sure.

So today I debuted my cobalt pants with a top from last years sewalong which I think matched up pretty nicely.

I'm in love!!!  Not too snug, not too loose, no pulling or adjusting needed during the day.  They didn't grow on me as the day wore on, and everyone LOVED the color.  I'm happy folks, and feel that my month's worth of fitting work has paid off.  That's saying a lot for me when it comes to hand crafted pants.  I told my students about my print pair and they want me to wear them tomorrow for them to see because we only have four more days of school left.

Finally, a picture with one of my most favorite students, Briona.

She's graduating 3rd in her class.  Love her!  She's received a full ride college scholarship, and will major in music!  Briona never gave me one minutes trouble during the two years she was in my class.  Eager and thirsty for knowledge.  My prayers and a piece of my heart are going off to college with her too...

May 17, 2013


...about Project Sewn.  It's a real live virtual sewing adventure.  Only two more weeks left.  What a great idea!

May 16, 2013


...through my pants phase.  I've actually complete 5 pair - with only one pair being questionable.  The questionable pair (made prior to making a second muslin) is wearable (worn twice).  But due to the fabric choice, and a few wrinkles that I couldn't get rid of, I don't think they'll have closet longevity.   I recently completed pairs 4 and 5 that I am very happy with.  After a mini meltdown about a serious flaw  found in my beautiful stretch cotton sateen print fabric
I took my friend's advice and folded it width-wise.  Thank goodness - I was just barely had enough room for my pant length.  Full meltdown averted!

So here's another door picture of my latest projects
Black Gaberdine and print Cotton Sateen
To be honest, I have to admit that I'm about SICK of making pants.  Oh, I'm mighty glad that I've finally got the fit right, but there is something within me that forces me to work on an original plan until it's completely done is starting to wear on me.  Do you think I might have a little OCDness??? 

May 8, 2013


...I'm still attending Pant's Fitting U.  Can't really give an anticipated graduation date, but I can tell you that I entered this semester willing and hungry to learn. 

I have completed two nice fitting pairs.  They are awaiting new tops that I have planned before I wear them.  I know that you'd probably like to see me wearing the pants to show the fit rather than a picture of them hanging on a door, but that's all I've got right now.  My plan was to make 5 pairs of great fitting  pants complete with a variety of matching tops - a complete 5 day wardrobe.  Wouldn't that be nice???  That's still the plan, but in the meantime,  here's a picture of my progress thus far

Cobalt Gaberdine and Aqua Linen Blend

 I'm currently making a much needed black pair, but I already have this fabric earmarked for my fourth pair.  This print definitely means that I am stepping out of my comfort zone, but  I've been wanting print pants f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  The colors fit perfectly in the vision I have for my "SUMMER BREEZES" wardrobe. 

Now it's back to work making the other 3 pair of pants a reality...


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