November 30, 2017


back in 2015 when I first read about Javacia H. Broswer's #BLOGLIKECRAZY November Challenge, I thought, "that's IMPOSSIBLE"!  But I took her challenge anyway and succeeded.  In 2016 I decided to join in again, and again I made it to completion.  This year, I thought "Nope. Not this year"; but as you can see here I am again - at the end of it - which just what I had envisioned.  Was it easy - not really, but with planning highly possible.

  • I like a good challenge.
  • I like to write, and realize that unless I make writing a regular habit I will lose my desire and ability to write well.  Unless I exercise my writing muscle it will lose it's tone and it's flexibility.
  • I love my blog; and like anything else that you love, you need to feed it with consistency.
  • It helps me to organize my thoughts, and it forces me to be more creative.
  • It helps me connect with my community.
It's been an exciting month of blogging!  I want to thank ALL who stuck it out with me by reading and/or commenting on my 30 posts.  I want to give a big shout out to the 6 guest bloggers who helped round out my month with their "Why I Sew & Blog About It" posts. A special "Thank You" to Javacia for challenging me and many other writers/bloggers to commit to doing what we love to do - WRITE.  If you are interested in finding out more about how she does this - pop over to - there is always something there that will challenge to step out of your comfort zone...

November 29, 2017


...almost all of us have that one elusive pattern.  You know, - that one that's so hard to get our hands on.  No matter how many patterns we have in our stashes, there is always that ONE that puts us on a MAD PATTERN HUNT.  That One pattern for me is Vogue 8601.  Why I didn't buy this pattern when released - I just don't know.

I've been searching for this pattern for several years. But alas, I've found that I am not the only one looking for this very same pattern.  Another searcher says that she thinks this pattern "HAS SIMPLY LEFT THE PLANET"!  I just refuse to believe that.  I think there is one somewhere lurking in another sewist's stash just waiting to be sent out to me.

In the meantime, my blogger friend Carol from G-Cas found a pattern with very similar design lines in her stash and was kind enough to send it right out to me.  Sewing friends are the BEST!
I will put on my sewist thinking cap and redesign the bottom section of this pattern to make it work for me.  But I still don't believe that Vogue 8601 just got up and left the planet...

November 28, 2017

#BLOGLIKECRAZY 28: AND SO IT BEGINS... regular readers know that I make a new coat every Fall.  And so it begins; my 2017 Winter Coat Project.  I touched on the subject a few days ago here.  The process is basically the same each year.  First I wade through a myriad of coat patterns.  Avid collector as I am; that process could take days in itself.  This year I'm hankering to experiment with faux sherling.  I am anxious to see the end results of the project; but, I am a bit apprehensive at the same time having never worked with the fabric.  As hard as it was, I made myself choose between these two patterns:

KwikSew 4197
McCall's 6656
When you are equally in love with both, it's a hard decision to make - but I chose the KwikSew Pattern because I think it's more ME, and that I will wear it more.  Some say it doesn't get cold enough in Georgia for these types of coats but I beg to differ - it was 31 degrees when I left for work this morning.  I pacified myself by promising to make View A of the McCall's pattern later this Winter.  So I'll begin tonight by starting to make adjustments to the pattern in preparation for; YES - a muslin.

Since I knew I would making a new winter coat anyways, I've joined in on the Sew Much Talent (gr) Facebook Coat Challenge.  

 The challenge ends on December 30th so I really need to get busy with this project...

November 27, 2017


... having the chance to interact with other sewing bloggers, and getting to know them better is always such a pleasure.  This has actually helped me to grow as a sewist.  Let's face it, "Ever Learning Linda" doesn't  know everything, and never will.  That's where connecting with others comes into play - they help me fill in the blanks!  It still amazes me just how many sharing, like-minded sewing bloggers there are.  I follow them, and they follow me, and we are all involved in this great big learning process.

Mariela Alethia, who writes at Kassmin's Creations started her blog in 2007 (the same year that I started), and it seems that we have been following each other for a very long time.  I watch on as she creates her wonderfully fitting garments, great home dec projects and beautiful decorative planners.  She's much more multi-faceted than me, and I know you wll enjoy reading about "Why She Sews & Blogs About It!!!

Why do I sew?
My love of fashion and clothes was the reason why I learn to sew.

Why do I blog about it?
I am the only one in my family that is crafty and loves to sew. None of my friends are crafters and they don’t sew. So, my family nor my friends understood my addiction to patterns, fabrics and anything sewing related.  Until, 10- years ago, when I google “sewing” and Erica Bunker’s blog came up. I read her blog and found others and was blown away. I did not know that women were blogging about their garments, quilts and or home dec projects.

It was awesome to find a community of like-minded ladies and I started my blog 10-years ago to share what I sew and to keep an on-line diary of my projects.

Mariela Alethia

November 25, 2017


...hoping that everyone had a marvelous Thanksgiving Holiday filled with family, friends and tasty food.  Sewing definitely had to take a back seat while I gave attention to as much pre-meal preparation as I could before my guest arrived on Thursday Morning.  I think we broke a record by sitting down to enjoy our meal at 3p.m. that afternoon.  Making time consuming dishes weeks in advance certainly paid off.

Now it's time to get back to sewing.  I must admit that as busy as I was with Thanksgiving prep, I was also involved in a little sewing procrastination as well.  The project:  Vogue 9032.  Yes my pants project has caused me to procrastinate.  I did work on the installation of the waistband this afternoon, and things are looking pretty good.  Hopefully I will be able to finish construction tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me...


November 24, 2017


...getting acquainted with "New to Me" bloggers is something that I really like to do.  It keeps my mind open, introduces me to new genres of sewing; and in other words keeps me from growing stale.  I met Elizabeth virtually at the time that she first introduced her "Day and Night Dress Challenge//Tour" last December.  From that time on she has been on my radar. Any blogger who can successfully orchestrate and host 18 other bloggers in a challenge definitely gets my vote!  The Challenge and Tour culminated on January 14th of this year, but I haven't stopped admiring her work.

You see, Elizabeth has a propensity for intense sewing projects; like her recent venture into cos-play where she made costumes for ALL of her family members (I'm sure you'll want to read all about that!).  That particular project involved such elements as: hand dying faux stretch leather, and fully tailoring a man's suit!  I'm sure you'll agree - there is never a dull moment over at ELIZABETH MADE THIS.  But now, lets see WHY SHE SEWS & BLOGS ABOUT IT...

Why do you sew?
I love fabric!  I always have loved fabric.  There was a wonderful fabric store in my home town in this ca 1900 building with old wood floors and bolts of fabric displayed.  I loved when my Mom would take me there as a child to see all the beautiful colors and textures.  At one point in my education, I had the choice between following music and following art.  I chose the former, but I've always been a little artsy, and I think I'm pursuing art again in a way through fabric.  
Watching a flat piece of fabric transform itself into an actual garment is endlessly fascinating to me.  I know a lot of people sew because they like to have handmade garments that express who they are.  For me, it's more about the act of making something with my own two hands and seeing ideas in your head take shape.  There's an honesty in it that's a wonderful break from the rigors of running a household and taking care of my kids!
Why do you blog about sewing?
Though I've hand sewn since I was little, I've only been sewing by machine for 10 years, and sewing garments for 9.  I started blogging in Dec 2007 really to catalog my progress and my learning.  For a long time it was all about my projects and what I learned each step along the way.  I've always been a writer, so I treated my blog as a diary.  I still catalog my learning and my creative process, but I'm looking more and more to give back to the sewing community that's helped me learn through my blog.  I said no to video for a long, long time, but I see now how visual of a craft sewing is, and if I can put together a tutorial that helps someone be able to understand how to do something, I'm happy to help.  The teacher in me keeps reminding me that I really, really love to teach! :)

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