December 4, 2018

87 #Decemberbdaysew - Never Enough Time...

...I intermittently think about sewing all day long - what I'm going to sew and how much I can get accomplished when I get home - Yeah right!  And then when the clock does strike time to go home, there's always one or two errands to run that seem to alter all my sewing plans.  Today it was State Election Runoff, egad somebody had better win this time!

I've been watching lots of people making pj's for their entire family, what a nice Christmas tradition.  Decent PJ's are something I always seem to be in desperate need of but never take the time to make.  Today I decided to make a quick pair as part of my #Decemberbdaysew Celebration.

They won't be the tailored type that I'd really like, but I think they'll be sort of cute.  I'll be using this recently donated knit fabric

and combining these two patterns.
Burda 6630 Ragland tee rather than buying another popular Independent Ragland pattern that I'm in love with, and
Butterick 6296 pants even though it's a woven pattern, I'll go down a size for my knit fabric
Now to see how far I can get in sewing these up this week...

December 2, 2018

86 #Decemberbdaysew...

...they saved the best for last - December! There is ALWAYS so very much going on in December:
  • my Mother's birthday (Gift mailed on Tuesday - determined to be on time this year)
  • the end of the semester
  • (TaDa) my birthday!
  • Winter Solstice 
  • Christmas, and
  • New Years Eve
can I cram anything else into this very busy month? - why of course I can!  I've teamed up with Denise Thompson of & @sewlimitless on Instagram
 to doing some selfish birthday sewing (Denise's birthday 12/16 and mine on 12/18).  We'll be posting using #Decemberbdaysew so please check us out during the course of the month.
Today I'm posting New Look 6415, View D sweater that I started in November.

 I had originally intended on making View B - but in my haste cut View D instead. NOTE TO SELF:  Slow Down!  I discovered my mishap while looking at the top on the dressform - the point should have been on the side, not in the middle - I DON'T LIKE POINTS IN THE CENTER!!! - Oh well, I cut those points off and the rest is history shall we say.  I needed something red in my closet.  I sized up  because I thought this fabric lent itself to being a bit oversized.
What does sewing look like for you this month???
I sized up  because I thought this fabric lent itself to being a bit oversized.

November 30, 2018

#BLC 2018 - Day 30: Done.And Done.....

...another 30 days of showing my blog some love, connecting with my community, exercising my mind and my writing muscle.  #BlogLikeCrazy is quite a challenge!  Was posting every day easy?  Yes and No.  The first 15 days or so were easy.  Initially I kept at least 3 posts in queue, but then life happened.  Interruptions, lack of ideas and extended work schedules knocked me off track a little during the later part of the month.  But with determination and  help from those who watched and cheered me on, 30 posts were logged this month. 

A big  THANK YOU  to those who stopped in to read, those who commented, and those who wrote guest  posts to help me meet my challenge quota this mongh!  You are very much appreciated!  I hope that my content was enjoyable, interesting and hopefully helpful to you in some way.  You are the best!  Thanks to Javacia Harris Bowser of See Jane Write.bham who calls me out of my comfort zone by sponsoring this challenge every year. 

So I bid you adieu until December (which by the way is only 15 minutes away)...

November 29, 2018

#BLC 2018 - Day 29: Sew What You Know......


I mentioned last night that I would be using NewLook 6415 because I had had recent success with it using a stretch Panne Velour.  I had never used this fabric before so I was a little timid.  But after figuring my fit (size, particularly through the neck, shoulders and bust) this top turned out really good.  The only thing I'd really change the second one is lowering the neckline just a bit.

 I pre-treated the fabric last night and had all intentions of cutting but ran out of time.

I did manage to cut tonight, but no actual sewing took place.  Well, after all tomorrow is another day...

November 28, 2018

#BLC 2018 - Day 28: Reviving SEWJO - Sew What You Know...

...yesterday I wrote about Claire Kennedy's recent post on retrieving your "Sewjo" - should it go missing in action.  In order to get sewing motivation moving again, one of the things she suggests is making a quick TNT pattern.  Something you've successfully made before.  A pattern that has already been fitted, you've worked out all the kinks and love wearing.

Comments on yesterday's post revealed that other sewists also use the TNT method to ignite their sewing passions again.  For my next project I'll be doing the same - sewing what I know.  I had relevant success a couple of weeks ago with New Look 6415.  I've already worn it twice which means I really like it a lot.   Other people like it as well.

I'll be making View D with long sleeves rather than 3/4 length sleeves again, in this red variegated sweater knit (Hancock stash).
I'm cutting tonight so hopefully this top/sweater it will be completed before the weekend, so stay tuned.
I am very interested in knowing what TNT pattern you use to coax you Sewjo back home - do tell...

November 27, 2018


... every since I started sewing again (circa 2006), I've heard sewists ask the age old question, "What Happened to my Sewjo?"!  Returning to my passion for sewing after being away from it for so many years, I just couldn't imagine not wanting to sew! - until it happened to me!  Thereafter I'd lose my sewing motivation at least once a year - usually after returning from a vacation away from home.

I hated those times! And then it seemed to start happening more and more; at least two or three times a year.  In it's absence I was lonely and miserable, and would have tried almost anything legal and moral to get it back.

I tried forcing it back, but the results were not always successful.  I worried about it like a woman with a lost child.  Some people even suggested "just relax and take a break from it".  But I really didn't care for that solution at all.   What's a sewist to do?

Last night I read a post at written by its author Claire Kennedy.  Her post explained in full detail:
  • what Sewjo actually is
  • what happens to Ms. Sewjo
  • why (she) up and leaves
  • what coaxes her back, and 
  • how to convince her to  stay!  

Claire Kennedy is an excellent writer, sewist and teacher.  I highly suggest paying her a visit soon at the to learn more about nurturing your Sewjo and many other interesting things...

November 26, 2018

#BLC 2018 2018 - Day 26: My Happy Place...

...I've sewn in many areas of the different houses or apartments that I've lived in.  I've sewn in a closet of my bedroom.  When that closet started closing in on me I moved a six foot table on one wall of the carpeted bedroom that took up an entire wall.  I use to tell people "enter at your own risk because there may be pins that stuck in the carpet".   My bed became my cutting area (that was a pain in the back) after I could no longer take cutting on my knees on the floor.

I've sewn hoovered over a coffee table while sitting on a couch.  My kitchen table became my sewing area for four entire months once while my now sewing room was being renovated.  That table was cramped and crowded but I made it work.  I actually made my first tailored jacket in that kitchen.

 I am now blessed to have a dedicated ROOM as my sewing area.  Of course I don't think it's big enough and it is constantly spilling over into other rooms; BUT it is better than that closet!😊

Why scrolling through an archive I ran across some pictures of my sewing room (in a really clean state no less).  I thought I'd share some pics of my happy place, the place where I create...


As sewists it really doesn't matter WHERE we sew; what matters is THAT we sew!  My motto is "have electricity, will sew"...

November 25, 2018

#BLC 2018 - Day 25: Eye Candy and Sewing Inspiration...

Marc Jacobs

when we look around we can find fashion inspiration everywhere we look.  I look forward to monthly sneaky peeks of Burda Style Magazine.  Since we are headed into the Christmas season so of course the December issue has a rather festive flair about it.  I've included a video of that issue here for your Sunday afternoon viewing pleasure.


November 24, 2018

#BLC 2018 - Day 24: Another Simplicity 8557...

...before I put the pattern back in the drawer I thought I'd make another a-line knit dress combined with the sleeve flounce from Vogue 9123 - this time as a gift.  Different fabric this time, a solid ponte that actually gave me a bit of a fit.

This ponte did not want to be sewn, and gave me a problem with skipped stitches.  After much trial and error the solution was: change machines, a stretch needle, increased machine presser foot tension, and Guterman thread.  I don't usually buy Guterman, but I was blessed to have just a few spools of it in the sewing room.  Maybe I should invest in a few spools to add to my bag of tricks...

November 23, 2018

#BlogLikeCrazy 2018 - Day 23: NOTABLE MENTIONS 9...

...  nifty sewing and other DIY information that I ran across while exploring the net this week:

 @kingdomdaughter from Instagram shared this YouTube video series called The Beginner's Guide to Sergering with me today because one of my sergers is giving me a fit with stitch width:

This E-Book might be helpful to all us who are looking for more information on pants fitting:


 There was an interesting article at Grainline Studio on the "Anatomy of a zipper"
Diagram courtesy Grainline Studio
Fashion yourself some fabulous DIY Faux Fur Mittens just right for the season.  Complete tutorial at

Photo Courtesy of
There is so much information available to us and I love it!  I think adding them to my posts and Pinterest boards is a great way to catalog my finds.  I hope that some it proves valuable and helpful to you.  I always include links...

November 22, 2018

#BLC 2018 - Day 22: HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY... all my loved ones and friends both near and far may the Good Lord rest, rule and abide with you this holiday season

From Faye's Sewing Adventure

87 #Decemberbdaysew - Never Enough Time...

...I intermittently think about sewing all day long - what I'm going to sew and how much I can get accomplished when I get home - Yeah r...