March 14, 2018


...this pattern has been in my stash for eons.  I think it was one of the first patterns that I started experimenting with when my interest in sewing was first rekindled.  It's a very simple pattern (I was always interested in the tee shirt in particular - and still am).  It's been quite a while since I've made this tee, and even though it's an older pattern, I think it has good bones.  Since I'm always on the lookout for "THE" great fitting tee I've pulled it out once again.

For some reason I'm loving ruffles and flounces this year, so I added a full circle flounce to the short sleeved version (the pattern has the cutest little cap sleeve.  This was my very first time drafting a circle if you can believe that.  I was a little scared to give it a try and had to tell myself - go ahead and cut girl, it's only fabric.  I'm still have to work on the "it's only fabric" part though.

I like the results and I'm sure this it won't be my last with the circle thingy.  I was inspired by Diane at Dream.Cut.Sew and the beautiful flounced top that she created.  Let's see just how many other ruffled or flounced creations show up for me this summer.

On another note I've only made one tiny date in my #2018 Make Nine challenge - that being Burda 6428 knit top, but still plan to work on it little by little.  I made one pattern change in my pattern grid.  I eliminated Vogue 8745 and substituted the Closet Case Pattern Kalle crop top.

#2018 Make Nine
March is extremely busy for me, but hopefully I'll be able to start on a new project this weekend.  In the meantime, Happy Sewing Week to you!!!

March 11, 2018

MY MCCALL'S 7687 THROWBACK WAS SUCH A WINNER!!! you remember back in February (here) when I took a challenge issued by Carol's Sewing Corner Facebook group to make my version of McCall's 7687.  We all know that fitting wovens is a little more challenging than working with knits. Although I would have preferred making a knit top, I wanted to support Carol's woven challenge.  As mentioned in my previous post - I did learn a few things in making this top:
  • how to make a small bust adjustment in a princess seam, and 
  • gaping neckline problems are corrected by adjusting the shoulder and not by pinching out in the center front pattern piece (which can distort the pattern) 
So making this woven top was a real win for me, plus I have my first new top already completed for the summer.
I guess I can call participating in Carol's challenge was a double win for me, because guess what???, I won her random challenge as well.  Grand prize was a $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate that Carol suggested I use to add more fitting resources to my library - and that's exactly what I did...
These four books will be joining my library in the upcoming days.  It's good for me to stretch and take a challenge every once and a while!!!


March 4, 2018

EYE CANDY FOR YOUR SUNDAY AFTERNOON VIEWING PLEASURE...'s sneaky peek time.  Grab a nice cup of tea and kick back for a little Spring Fashion preview.  Burda Style March 2018 - Enjoy!

Paying Homage to Black Pattern Designers...

...for years February has been set aside as a special time to learn about and recognize accomplishments of African Americans and other peopl...