December 30, 2018


...I love pretty things, especially pretty night and lounging wear.  Additionally, I am always in need of some decent pretty night wear.  I did make a great summer set a couple of years ago (here) that I still love.  This time I decided to jump on the Instagram #sewyourview December pajama challenge and I'm so glad I did.

Notched collar, piping, cuffs on the top and pj bottoms
 I choose a jersey knit curved the shirt hems at the back and front because I prefer a curved hem opposed to a square shape.  I eliminated the bottom shirt pockets and added my own pipped breast pocket.  I also eliminated the pants pockets because I didn't figure I'd be using those.

  I'm totally in love with this pair and do plan to make this pattern again.

December 27, 2018

I'm A Tracer...

...and a Indie Pattern lover too.  Indies are usually not available at $1.99 or even $4.99 as we all know, so I feel the need to trace those that I do purchase.  To facilitate preservation of my precious Indie patterns I started using Swedish Tracing paper years ago after I found out about it.  I love the feel and transparency of the Swedish paper and it can also be stitched up to use as muslins, although I never used it for that purpose, it is an excellent tracing paper.  I usually purchase a small stock of it once a year, but it tends to be quite pricey.

Recently Carol of Carol's Sewing Corner Facebook Group tipped me off about using gift wrapping tissue instead.   The sheets are 19.7" x 26", so two sheets taped together is more than long enough to trace off a pants leg for instance at a fraction of the cost of the Swedish paper (I always had to end up taping the Swedish paper as well). I purchased a 100 sheet package to give it a try.  As you know, gift wrapping supplies are half-priced every where for after Christmas sales which makes the savings even more attractive.  I didn't want to brave Walmart today so I just grabbed a package at the drug store.

Although not as strong, the tissue paper worked very well today...

December 18, 2018

#Decemberbdaysew: Happy Birthday To Me...

...thank God for another year! I've always enjoyed having my birthday just 7 days before Christmas., It has been a very happy birthday indeed, especially since I was able to complete my new top last night.  It always feels good to wear something new on ones birthday.  I went with New Look 6415 again since I had already used the pattern twice before (here and here). 
I chose to work with stretch panne velour again in a different color-way. I went with View C but added long sleeves that I modified just a bit by cutting the bottom of the sleeve in a slight bell shape.

The panne velour provided just the right amount of warmth for this chilly day paired with my Vogue 8859 pants made several months ago.  Now it's time to clean the sewing room again.  I've got far too many loose pattern pieces floating around in here.

What's going on in your sewing world???

December 14, 2018

#89 Happy Fabulous Friday...

I can't even begin to tell you just how happy I am that it's Friday.  I rushed around on a few errands; needed ink for the printer, stopped by my local fist monger, and made a quick trip to the grocer to pick up a few things.  There's a cold, misty rain coming down, and I do not want to venture out at all tomorrow.

Today's the day that I get to corral all the sewing thoughts of the week - there are so many of them floating in my head.  Let's see just what I'm able to produce this weekend...

December 13, 2018

88 #Decemberbdaysew - PJ's For Me...

...early last week I mentioned that I really need several pairs of new PJ's.  I chose my patterns and my fabric and set out to make this simple project happen.  In the meantime, I changed my mind about the original pattern choices - which is quite natural for me. This is what I came up with:

The Kwik Sew pattern is an oldie but goodie, but I've made it several times before from the turtleneck view.  I actually hacked the upper sleeve and the neckband from an old tee shirt I never wear to add a little bit of contrast to the top and to match the gray stripe.  I chose the pant because of the slim leg width and the pockets (like I need pockets in bed). I miraculously ended up with stripes that match even though I cut the fabric double.

I really need a couple more pair, but I'll try to sneak them later...

December 4, 2018

87 #Decemberbdaysew - Never Enough Time...

...I intermittently think about sewing all day long - what I'm going to sew and how much I can get accomplished when I get home - Yeah right!  And then when the clock does strike time to go home, there's always one or two errands to run that seem to alter all my sewing plans.  Today it was State Election Runoff, egad somebody had better win this time!

I've been watching lots of people making pj's for their entire family, what a nice Christmas tradition.  Decent PJ's are something I always seem to be in desperate need of but never take the time to make.  Today I decided to make a quick pair as part of my #Decemberbdaysew Celebration.

They won't be the tailored type that I'd really like, but I think they'll be sort of cute.  I'll be using this recently donated knit fabric

and combining these two patterns.
Burda 6630 Ragland tee rather than buying another popular Independent Ragland pattern that I'm in love with, and
Butterick 6296 pants even though it's a woven pattern, I'll go down a size for my knit fabric
Now to see how far I can get in sewing these up this week...

December 2, 2018

86 #Decemberbdaysew...

...they saved the best for last - December! There is ALWAYS so very much going on in December:
  • my Mother's birthday (Gift mailed on Tuesday - determined to be on time this year)
  • the end of the semester
  • (TaDa) my birthday!
  • Winter Solstice 
  • Christmas, and
  • New Years Eve
can I cram anything else into this very busy month? - why of course I can!  I've teamed up with Denise Thompson of & @sewlimitless on Instagram
 to doing some selfish birthday sewing (Denise's birthday 12/16 and mine on 12/18).  We'll be posting using #Decemberbdaysew so please check us out during the course of the month.
Today I'm posting New Look 6415, View D sweater that I started in November.

 I had originally intended on making View B - but in my haste cut View D instead. NOTE TO SELF:  Slow Down!  I discovered my mishap while looking at the top on the dressform - the point should have been on the side, not in the middle - I DON'T LIKE POINTS IN THE CENTER!!! - Oh well, I cut those points off and the rest is history shall we say.  I needed something red in my closet.  I sized up  because I thought this fabric lent itself to being a bit oversized.
What does sewing look like for you this month???
I sized up  because I thought this fabric lent itself to being a bit oversized.

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